gummy bear

5-day blastocyst - transferred June 23, 2012
June 23 was a beautiful day. We were excited to be in the US for the transfer.

simple bouquet from Mr. A
It was frivolous, since we were not going to be in our hotel for very long, but Mr. August wanted me to have flowers to look at while on bed rest. The bouquet was made of lavender, thistle and irises.

POAS - July 5, 2012

A day ahead of the beta, I decided to test at home. I was thrilled to see these strong lines.

Viability scan 7w0d - July 23, 2012
Little gummy bear has a heartbeat and is measuring at 7w3d!

Second u/s at 9w1d - August 7, 2012

Starting to look a little more human. This is the u/s the attending RE called 'disgustingly normal."

NT scan at 12w1d - August 28, 2012
We saw the wee gummy bear wiggle, kick his legs, turn around and move his arms. He/she measured 12w5d.

14w4d - gummy likes to kick his/her legs

 The 14w scan is when the dreadful shadow was detected. Luckily, by the anatomy scan, it was gone, meaning it was most likely a nonfused chorion.

19w4d - anatomy scan
We thought we'd find out the sex of the baby at the anatomy scan, but not so, we were told. Oh well, the suspense will last for a bit longer. 

Gummy bump at 20 weeks

bump at 24 weeks

28 weeks!

30 weeks - happy new year gummy!
30w2d - gummy girl looking at her fist

35w - with preview of the Gummery

37 weeks - Full Term!


  1. OMG the bump!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful.
    Love you,

  2. i love the pics of your gummy bear! so glad things are going well

  3. YES!! The bump pic!! So happy to see this shot!!

  4. I didn't realize these were here. How neat! Love all the pictures and u/s. Congrats and you and gummy are beautiful inside and out :)

  5. Such a beautiful and lovely bump!!

  6. Yay for viability and yay for a gummy bump!! :)

  7. Adorable bump. Congratulations, dear. This made my dat.

  8. Love the bump & SO excited you've reached viability!!! Woo-hoo to a really huge milestone!

  9. So funny ... I found myself on your "Gummy" page today and I'm wearing the exact same Thyme maternity sweater that you're wearing in your 30 week picture. Obviously, we both have terrific style! You're looking fabulous :)

  10. you look great!!! i know the prospect of bed rest is terrible (believe me I know) but when it comes down to it, resting (not strict bed rest) is boring but if it can help prolong the time until delivery, I say go for it (of course this coming from someone who was on almost full at 26 weeks.) you are so close now, you can do it!

    also, i haven't read all of your posts regarding your breastfeeding concerns but if I can help answer any questions that might help, let me know.

  11. What a fantastic bump!!! So glad you are doing well- I know you worry but that's normal.

  12. LOVE the full term photo! Thank you for sharing it! Plus seeing the lovely gummery with what looks like a changing table makes it all seem very, very real! YAAAAAY! XOXO, Oat

  13. FULL TERM! You look so stylish and gorgeous. And is that the Gum Gummery? I was going to ask if we could see it. I know nursery photos are sick-making to a lot of people, but I am obviously not one of them!

  14. I love your success story! It gives me hope as I embark down this path. Hugs.