People, places and things


Augusta - the protagonist. born 1974. Tall and freckled. Québécoise d'origine. Believes that red wine and dark chocolate are essential to life, as are most green vegetables. She insists on driving manual transmission VWs. In the daytime, she works as a child psychologist. Oh, the irony. 

Mr. August - the beloved husband. Dark-haired and blue-eyed, who looks sexy in coveralls. Farmer, thinker and Big Brother, he is some sort of modern Renaissance man. He likes to debate issues and hates to lose a point. He's an eternal optimist.

Chicken - the Augusts' cat. She is all fur and purr, with no meat on her bones. She is a very darling old lady cat who has seen Augusta through some dark days of childlessness.  

Sattva - the first donor. She is a beloved friend of the Augusts who volunteered to donate eggs. Favorite quote from Sattva on the morning of the egg retrieval: 'I have big ovaries' holding her belly. Other favorite quote from the pre-donation period when Augusta told her that she couldn't ask her for something so big: "you never asked me. I am offering them to you."

Oat - Augusta's best friend who lives in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and who is a favorite character on this blog and in real life.

Dragonfly - Augusta's best friend who also, coincidentally, lives in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A pillar of support through this infertility hell.

Dr. RE - not an original name, but Augusta was writing her Ph.D. dissertation when she came up with it. So cut her some slack, alright. Dr. RE is fabuloso (and Italian). He has been a steadfast ally of the Augusts in their quest to have a child.

Sophie - the name we use to refer to our anonymous donor.

Gummy Girl - Our daughter


FTT - Fertility Treatment Town, which is actually a city where our Ontario clinic is located. It's also where Augusta did her residency, where Mr. A grew up and where his parents still live.

Pleasantville - A hippie town where Augusta went to grad school and where Mr. A did his undergrad, where they married and lived together since 2004.

SG - Shady Grove, the U.S. clinic.


  1. I just came across your blog and wanted to stop in and say hello. I'm also from Québec and in the early stages of my journey. I look forward to hunting through your archives and snooping around a little.

    1. Welcome Jenn! Feel free to email if you have specific questions (see email on top right corner). Also, enjoy those publicly funded fertility treatments (I moved to the neighbouring province, which does not pay for fertility treatments)