Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Here and there

I would like to keep more active here on this blog. But for reasons too exposing to reveal, I cannot. Follow me, though, if you wish. I have started writing elsewhere.

There is no good options for transitioning, is there. I have been turning this decision over in my head for months. What to do with my blog. I need to write by I can't write here. This is not ideal, but it's the best I can come up with: I'll still keep up 'All In One Basket', and will write in a new forum as well.

If you have any inclination to follow me elsewhere it's easy. Just ask and I will send you the link.

You can email:



(my regular email if we've communicated before)

The thing about me is that I won't suppose you are interested unless you tell me. So tell me.

And to pique your interest, Dr. Ninja makes an appearance in one of my recent entries. Oh, we love Dr. Ninja!

Thank you for your love and support, women.


  1. Doll. I NEED to know where you are and what you are doing. Will email you.

  2. Well for some reason I can't get an email to go through. Can you email me the link?
    Thank you!

  3. I like your blog! My congrats with your successful de ivf. Your daughter is super cute) I think every mom has such thoughts) I'm not an exception!) But we should control ourselves. To be honest, at first I was completely against de ivf. I thought it’s unnatural and I won’t be able to love a baby of another woman. How stupid I was! This procedure was my only chance to become a mother so I persuaded myself to do it. Now I have no regrets. I look at Sammy and I consider him as my son and no one else's. We had an opportunity to give our doctor list of features we want to see in our donor. We mentioned hair color, nose and face shape, eyes, lips, etc. I should say everyone tells me my son looks like me! We told everyone, even our family, that we had simple ivf. No one can ever tell we used egg donor. Of course I’m grateful to our doctor and that girl, who donated her eggs. I will never forget what they’ve done for us! But I really have no feelings like my son is not genetically related to me or I feel differently toward him. Absolutely no! I love him with my whole heart! As soon as I knew I’m pregnant all my doubts faded away. I carried him, I felt him inside my stomach, I had toxicosis, I sang for him and read fairytales for him, I gave birth to him! He’s my son and only my! We decided we’ll not tell Sammy about egg donor. I think he doesn’t need to know that. I’m his mom and I’ll do everything for him so there will be no need for him to look for donor. We had de ivf in Ukrainian BioTexCom. We had 2 attempts in general. I’ve got pregnant from the first one. The clinic also offers «packages» with 1 or 5 attempts. So we’ve just chosen «package», which suited us the most. Hun, I wish you and your little princes all the best!