Saturday, November 29, 2014


I was at the natural food store in Pleasantville the other day and needed an updated vitamin card (don't ask). The young chap at the cash asked: "Are you a student or a senior?"

I had to laugh.

The answer I should have given was:

"dude, you are catching me in the 5 minutes between the one and the other."

More later. Just thought I'd pop up and say hello.


  1. Hello. Hoping senior as in college Senior. I feel ancient enough to mourn being called miss instead of ma'am.

  2. Goodness. I was asked about a year ago if Baby Girl was my granddaughter. That was a major blow to the ego. At least he thought you could be a student. LOL It's good to hear from you! Come back soon, please. :-)

  3. Maybe, in this case, if you consider asking about both better not ask at all?

  4. Aaarg. I usually feel like I'm okay with my decrepitude...until someone says something.