Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gummy the toddler

It's been hard to write, folks. It's not that I've lost my grammar or vocabulary, and I probably could squeeze in a post here and there at work. But I've been struggling personally and it seems inappropriate to share everything I have on my mind in this context. So instead, I thought I would talk about the best part of my days, my weeks and my life: Mademoiselle Gummy.

She is still at the mediocre day care. As soon as I made the potential nanny a job offer, she vanished into thin air. Tells you something about her age and inexperience with the job market. Rule of thumb, little girl, when someone offers you a job, you should say yes or no, but you should say something. She will hopefully learn this lesson, but I am not the one who will teach it to her.

At about the same time that the nanny wasn't materializing, money concerns simmered to a near boiling point.* My motivation to look for a nanny evaporated as Gummy became able to tolerate going to day care. She continues to struggle with drop offs and pick ups (there are tears, sometimes accompanied by horrified, baffled looks in our directions about why the fuck we are leaving her with strangers), but she is reportedly doing fine during the day. The day care centre has done nothing to impress us as parents, and she will be leaving this centre as soon as a spot becomes available in another centre where her name sits on a wait list for now. I am not happy about this situation, but I am trying to just exercise patience.

Meanwhile, she started walking on May 4, a few days after reaching the 14-month mark. She had been walking around assisted for a while, with us holding her hands or holding on to her tiny shopping cart. But one Saturday, her friend Bea came over, and Bea walked around like a champion. Gummy got inspired and the next morning she started walking around unassisted. She was met with our very loud squeals of delight, and took it up as a practice. For a week, whenever she walked unassisted, she emitted a loud squeal, figuring that the two went together.

She also started using words. Ok, it's mainly ONE recognizable word, but I'm optimistic that there are more forming in her sweet noggin. In late April, she suddenly said a very H-y "HI" with a wave of the hand. She did that when her father entered her room, and then did it again when she saw me, and again for the cat. She did it all day long, whenever it seemed appropriate to her, and mostly, it also seemed appropriate to us. She was using a recognizable work in context! I nearly wet myself. Since then, she has also said the word "moo" when looking at the depiction of a cow (is moo a word?).

Gummy seems to understand a thing or two about what's going on around her. She figured out that the owl in one of her books is much like the owl atop her bookshelf so she points to it when we get to that page in her book. She exhibits book preferences, and wants to look at certain ones over and over (rapidly if possible, but on some pages she likes to linger). She makes her wishes known as best as one can without language, and is starting to have the impatience of a toddler. And I guess since she officially toddles, she is now a toddler!

Gummy has also become more cuddly. She likes when I put her to bed (as much as I do? I can't imagine). She likes me to play with her hair, rub her back and read her stories. At some point, she insists on facing me and she just stares and smiles (and sometimes wants to inspect the contents of my mouth, which is uncomfortable, but hard to deny her this moment of pseudo-dentistry). She likes to put her head on my shoulder and tap-tap-tap on my back. "there, there, maman**" she seems to say.

I could gush about my girl for another long while, but it's bedtime. I will leave you with a few pictures instead.

This is at the park, inside a hippopotamus. 

*Being solely responsible for paying for mediocre day care, plus my professional dues, plus my liability insurance, plus a shitload of money to get the car fixed = big freak out for Augusta. 


  1. Okay, I know I say this every time you post a pic, but WOW you have a cute kid.

    And yes MOO is absolutely a word.

  2. Awww she is so cute! And yes, all.this auxiliary stuff must totally be taking its toll on you :( wish there was a magic wand one could wave. Hope the second daycare gets a spot for her soon!

  3. For a week, whenever she walked unassisted, she emitted a loud squeal, figuring that the two went together.

    That is seriously sweet.

  4. Cute! Thank you for sharing photos of her, and I hope you get your childcare situation sorted soon.

  5. Love you, love Mademoiselle Gummy. Sending big hugs your way -- and sending affirmation that not only is "Moo" a word, it is one of the best and most important. Hello, cheese, ice cream, our beloved farm? All brought to you by the word "moo." xoxo, Oat

  6. Oh my goodness...she is adorable and beautiful! Love it. How exciting to be toddling and mischief awaiting her. I can just imagine bedtime is such a lovely time of day. So precious. Love it. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Also, I love that by 14 months Gummy is not only walking and talking and cuddling away, but she's also been INSIDE A HIPPOPOTAMUS.

  8. She's so cute!! I am sorry things have been stressful. Sending lots of love and hope your names flies through the wait list...

  9. F*** money! I hate it sometimes. But Gummy is absolutely stunning. :) What a precious little girl. :)

  10. She's great! And yes, the walking unassisted just sort of happened at our house, too. It was Easter weekend and she just sort of stopped crawling. At our house I think the motivation was the cat. Much like crawling, she wanted to chase after him and she needed to figure out a faster way to do so. She also walked further the more she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. As soon as she realized she was walking she would get really excited and laugh and fall down. It was pretty comical. Isn't it amazing how much they understand about what is going on around them? I love that Gummy recognizes the owl in her book. Baby Girl does a lot of pointing and grunting still so we are not hearing many words, either. She has also said "hi" a few times and sort of said "bye-bye". She definitely is saying "baby" which comes out as "bee-bee" most of the time and it's the cutest word I think I've ever heard. (I may be a bit biased) I'm so sorry about the nanny situation. I had such high hopes for you guys. I'm glad you have Gummy's name on a list somewhere else even though she seems to be doing ok during the day at her current place. When our hands are tied we have to just sit back and take a deep breath. You are doing a great job as far as I'm concerned.

  11. Gah.Swoon. Love those sweet cheeks. The first words are so sweet. Moo definitely counts. Cats were meow meows for a very long time in our house.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much I can devour those moments. Enjoy the sweet Gummy-ness. The daycare issue is weighty and I very much hope a spot opens up soon. Not worrying about her (as much) during her day will be such a relief.

  12. I think it's more like "Gummy the cutest toddler EVER"!! I mean, seriously…she's beautiful. I hope that a spot opens up quickly. I can see why mediocre will never be suitable for her. She commands greatness. :)

  13. Well fuck you, Potential Nanny. That's such an intense drag, because what a lot of wasted effort. But it sounds like there are some upsides, like not having to spend the extra money. And like the fact that she is adjusting, even if she likes it better with you guys. Which is a good thing. I'm just sorry you're not comfortable with the situation. I know it can be so hard to wait for a child to adjust when you ARE okay with the place. Fingers crossed that several families will move away thus opening up spots at Preferable Childcare Center.

    Words! Walking! Comforting Maman! She's amazing. And she's willing to wear a HAT! I will for sure pick her, sweet little apple that she is!

  14. She is so cute, your little Gummy Girl. Especially in that apple shirt.
    I'm so sorry about the nanny part though. That is annoying. I hope the daycare situation improves, though Gummy still seems to be doing fine regardless.
    And moo totally is a word - I'm pretty sure cows were moo-cows for years in our family (although in German it rhymes, that makes it nicer).