Tuesday, February 18, 2014

faits d'hivers

In no particular order:

1) I am fucking exhausted. Night #4 of teething hell. It's hard to imagine this going on while I have to be at a work meeting the next morning, a hypothetical work meeting that I'm leading and in which being coherent is a prerequisite. But what I gather from some of your experiences, that of other mamas, and what I've been through so far is: even exhausted, one can function.

2) I love winter. This winter has been amazing.

3) Gummy will be 1 year old in a week and a half

4) Veronica is going through SCH/inter-clinic politics HELL. But she is pregnant. She is awaiting her first ultrasound and hoping the bleeding will stop.

5) We went on a family vacation up north (see point 2). Here are pictures of Gummy and I cross-country skiing.
Yes, that is Gummy Girl in the trailer!


6) I have been working on a post about the WHYs

7) I also have returned to the fertility clinic for a sono, and have started writing about it.

8) I also have big plans to continue the Who Needs It challenges.

9) For an explanation as to why points 6 through 8 haven't happened, see points 1 and 5.

10) marriage = hard

11) A dear friend who struggled with infertility for years has just experienced a stillbirth with her second child. Still can't quite believe this has happened to her.

12) I'm turning 40 in a few months.

13) Yesterday was Family Day (a stat holiday), and we celebrated by having the other Augusta, her husband and her little Gummy Girl over for brunch. I made a frittata, we chatted, drank coffee, played with the girls and celebrated their almost first birthday. We had a great time.

14) I want to comment more on your blogs, but I can't stop watching 'the good wife' while drooling semi-consciously on the couch every night (see point 1).


  1. 1. The Good Wife is awesome.
    2. Teething sucks. I'm sorry.
    3. Yes, you can function exhausted. To a point. Then you can't. Take care of yourself?
    4. Oh my goodness that is one cute kid.
    5. If you want more snow, come to my house :)
    6. Eager to hear about everything else, when you can write it.

  2. Aww, gummy is beautiful, and I'm wincing at the sleep deprivation (but hope and bloody pray I get that in spades for the next few years), and I'm hoping you magically get the time to write lots more. Miss your posts.

    Can you send me your email address? The one up on your blog bounced.

    1. Argh, forgot to provide my address. It is justlookingsd30@gmail.com

  3. Love the pics, so cute and fun! You guys know how to deal with the snow up there. I hear you on the tiredness and lack of commenting. Still here!

  4. Oh gosh, so much going on in your corner of the world. #11 breaks my heart. Oh #11, I am so sorry. Let me randomly select some things to respond to!
    *The going to work on no sleep thing is interesting... Unlike Gwinne, I haven't done it for years on end, so even when the babies have been sick it's usually just three nights, max. But I do recall being surprised by my degree of normalcy during those stretches. Turns out my brain is not really necessary? And be aware that Gummy will know when you have a particularly tough day in store and will be sure to sleep horribly the night before...
    *AAAAAaiiiiii! The adorableness. You are both gorgeous! And such joy! I can see why you love winter, if that's what it looks like in your universe. Maybe it would look like that in mine if I could just embrace it...But I don't like to embrace cold things.
    *Marriage IS hard. I think a year after Bun Bun was born we were in Mostly Civil Roommates Mode. (And now, we're totally in Friendly Roommates mode! Dare to dream!) I predict that going back to work will HELP. It will make loads of things harder, presumably, but the way you articulated the connection between your work and your feelings of efficacy makes me think it will have a net benefit on your marriage. We'll see, I suppose...
    *You must write about ALL THOSE THINGS IMMEDIATELY! I am so curious to hear your thoughts.

  5. How is it even possible she is almost a year? And also, she is so stinking adorable -- I love the picture of her skiing with you!

    Yes, marriage is hard. Infertility was hard on it. Post baby is hard on it. Hard hard hard.

    Hope the teething is beginning to cease and you are getting some sleep!

  6. I love the Gummy trailer! That is even more adorable than usual!