Monday, August 5, 2013

the robin (part 2)*

There are two pillars holding up the roof to the front porch of our house. Robins like to nest there.

This spring, we had a mama robin who had 4 baby birds. The mother watched us carefully in our comings and goings, always avoiding us as much as possible, but also risking it all to bring food to her young. She nursed these 4 baby robins to a hefty size. Then one day, they all flew away.  

A few weeks later, another robin came to nest atop the other pillar. She was just as valiant as the last mama. She worked hard to eat well so she would produce warmth to incubate her young. She too avoided us as much as she could, but also risked it all to get back to her nest and lay on her eggs.

One day last week, I noticed I hadn't seen her for a few days. How odd, I thought. I haven't even seen the babies. Could they have been born and left already? After a few days of not seeing her, I got a stool and climbed up. I couldn't see inside the nest, but took a picture and then looked at it.

One egg. Never to become a baby bird.

I like to think that the mama had to leave and continue her bird life, and hopefully nest again soon.

Thank you for all the comments you left for my friend Veronica. Her baby bird also did not make it.      

*I wrote about robins way back when my blog was just wee. Here is the link. 


  1. Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that. Please give Veronica an extra hug from me.

  2. I'm so sorry. Many hugs for Veronica. That was a beautifully written, though heartbreaking, post.

  3. This post is beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. I am so sorry to hear Veronica's news. Sending lots of love to you and all those you love. XOXO, Oat.

  4. Oh how sad. Sending much love and prayers to Veronica, such a terrible thing, i would never wish it on anyone.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I am thinking of Veronica.

  6. My heart just sank reading about your friend. I am so, so very sorry for her loss.

  7. Deeply, deeply sorry for those baby birds.

  8. I'm so sorry about Veronica. I was really hoping it would go well...Please tell her I am shedding tears at hearing this sad news.

    We had a nest of baby birds in the back porch flowers a few weeks ago and I was very invested in them growing and leaving the nest.

  9. Oh precisely how depressing. Sending much really like and prayers to be able to Veronica, a real dreadful issue, i might never would like this on any person.

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