Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The pre postscript

So, I went on vacation and came back to the black screen of death on my Mac. I guess like my cat, it was pissed at me for leaving. I wish it were easier to comment on my phone but it is what it is. I apologize for my absence in your comment section (or, ahem, you are welcome. I'm glad you enjoy my more succinct comments).

A few things, not in any meaningful order:

•I mean to write a few thoughts about the epic birth story but do you really want me to rattle on about that for a sixth post? i still may, hence the title.

• traveling with a baby is exhausting in a different way than a seven-day backpacking loop in the Yukon. Perhaps more exhausting.

• my mother tried to say that my baby girl was fat. While I could never stand up for myself when she said the same of me in the past, I firmly told her that this was unacceptable behavior. 

• we visited with our good friends in Boston and western MA. Oh, how I wish we all lived closer to one another.

• traveling is fun, but it's good to be home.

• a good IRL friend had a DE IVF transfer recently. I am holding my breath for a BFP.

• I've been sad to read about the recent miscarriages in this community. And sad that Adele is closing up shop and that CGD has too.


  1. * Sorry about the mac. Hope you can rescue it.
    * Write as long as it helps you. We'll be reading.
    * You go for protecting gummy. My godchild told me at the tender age of 3 that she couldn't eat [something I forgot but that would have been completely reasonable] because it'd make her too fat. Sigh. Sadly, I can totally imagine she got this from her mom, and I don't see her nearly often enough to talk her out of such nonsense.
    * On the rest, I hear you...

  2. Write. I read. Look forward to it, actually. Also not dead yet. No pain at all, so do not fret. I have promised that if I get even a sharp twinge, I will proceed to ER.

    I am not brave with baby travel. Brava! Fat babies are unheard of, and that would be insulting in so many ways. Thigh chub is what fuels good things in this fair universe.

  3. It's your blog, you should write about it!

    Travel with a child is completely exhausting. Shrieking less than 50% of the time counts as success in my book.

    I do occasionally say that babies are chubby but more like... what a nice hearty young person! He must have a good appetite! (Everyone loves a chubby baby. Really skinny ones make everyone worry, right?)

  4. I say go for it and write about it. Especially if it helps you to process everything!!!
    Travel with a child is utterly exhausting. We have a trip coming up in October and I am already dreading it!!!
    In my opinion, babies are "supposed" to be chubby!!! And besides, your little one is absolutely adorable. Good for you for letting your mom know it was not OK to call her fat.
    Thinking of you!

  5. Fat, not a word that should be used as a comment about anyone let alone an adorable baby. Good for you making it clear that you won't have any of it :)

  6. Glad you are home, Augusta, and traveled safely. And you're right, travel with a baby is not an easy feat. That feeling of being home, again...nothing can match it.

    (And I'll still be here, following, commenting. And cheering you on. xo)

  7. i miss adele and cgd too. :(

    And ugh, yes... unacceptable... baby fat is healthy!!! and beautiful.

    Keep on writing. I am so frustrated by my inability (technologically) to comment often, but I have been reading along. But more so than doing it for me, do it for you!!!

  8. Yes, I want you to rattle on for at least one more post. I'm not ready for it to end.

    We've done two trips recently and I don't think I ever want to leave again. Although, I have tonsillitis for the SECOND TIME in TWO WEEKS, so it may just be that I need to crawl in a hole and die. But I do think it's splendid practice, and so admirable of you to do it. You're intrepid!

    One of Bunlet's nicknames is "fat baby". But it's meant in a loving, admiring way, not in a critical, you're a bad parent for having a healthy child way. Big kudos for putting your mom in her place.

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