Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Infants are portable

Allow me a parenthesis before I launch into the stories of birth and after birth.

I decided to combat the threat of feeling isolated by planning outings and vacations. It started with things like driving into the big city with only Gummy and I, having to deal with the likely eventuality that she would cry in the car while I was driving. She did, and we both survived (without even needing to pull over - amazing how you can fish around the infant in her car seat for her googgy*, find it and place it back in her mouth all while watching the traffic light turn from red to green. I am developing mad skills).

Last weekend, I did something more ambitious. Gummy Girl and I got on an airplane and went to visit Pumpkin for the weekend. Yes, I flew alone with an infant. I mean, I wasn't alone at all. The planes were full of other passengers, and thankfully pilots and crew. But Mr. A stayed home. He had to do some farming.

My girl and I are adventurous indeed. It was all fun and games until my fear of flying kicked in. Mama cried most of the way to New York, while Gummy slept peacefully. I swore the entire hour that I would be calling Amtrak as soon as the plane landed so we could return home the scenic way. Once on the ground, I asked Pumpkin to talk me out of that plan, and she did. So we flew home.

A few points about flying solo with an infant:

1) Baby in the carrier is the way to go, at least when babies are gummy size. I used a bec.o I got on loan from a friend and it did the trick. Pumpkin had a stroller I could use while I was there, while her pumpling used a different stroller.

2) Checking the car seat does not equal a broken car seat. At least it didn't happen this time. I needed to bring gummy's car seat for some cab rides and to use with the stroller. I just had gummy on my lap or in the carrier at the airports and in the planes. I even laid her down on the floor at the gate so she could chill and kick her feet while we waited.

Flying ain't so bad, mama. Hey, how did that ladybug get there?

3) I went against my personal rule of dressing up for air travel. I'm old school that way, and believe that if one is going to be prancing around airports, one should look her best. As far as traveling with an infant goes, that rule is stupid. I wore yoga capris, as t-shirt and running shoes, and traveled in great comfort. And since the most visible part of my outfit was gummy, I looked fantastic.

We had a lovely weekend visiting the Pumpkin family. As we set out for our first walk to the park with the wee ones, I looked over at Pumpkin and noted that this was the small miracles we had been waiting for. We had a moment of heart-filled gratitude. We had taken walks before, but neither of us had babies then (although the last time we took a walk, the pumpling was a month away from making her entry). It is still true that parenting is not easy, neither for the Pumpkins nor for the Augusts. But it it sure was worth fighting so hard for and it certainly makes our lives so much richer.

*What we call a soother/pacifier/binky in our house, after Sattva's appellation for said implement.


  1. Way to go! Little K had her first air travel at 7 weeks and it was a breeze. Glad yours went well!!

  2. Well, that sounds great! Infants ARE portable in a way that almost toddlers and toddlers are not. Take advantage!

  3. Potable, you say? I'll have mine with gin!

    I so so SO totally admire you for doing this. I COULD have, but I just sat around being lonely. You are an amazing woman. And we're pleased to hear you got to borrow a gemini--it's the one the Bunny family recommends, you know.

    Next week Mr. Bunny and I are taking all the babies to New Mexico. TERRIFIED of the flight. And not because I don't like flying. But you give me strength.

  4. so glad I got to meet you finally!!! xoxo

  5. "And since the most visible part of my outfit was gummy, I looked fantastic."
    I love this. It sounds like an awesome trip, glad you braved air travel!

  6. Hoorah! We love you guys! It was such a treat to see you and meet Gummy, and we are doubly honored that you faced and ass-kicked your fear of flying to come and visit. <3

  7. Good for you for getting out there and going on a trip...alone! Wow! I don't like flying either - but have had to often enough that I am able to get through it without having a panic attack now...but it took a LONG time to get to that point. So glad you had a good time :)

  8. I did not muster your bravery. I found that I could manage a finger for E to suck on and still manage the drive. A pacifier is an awesome thing. Your gummy is a sweet thing. It melted my heart to think of a proud mama walk for both of you.

  9. That little face is fantastic. What a beauty you have. So glad you and Gummy were able to get away on your first vacay as mother and daughter. :)

  10. Wow, that is hugely ambitious! Not only making the trip, but overcoming your fear to do it. You are amazing.

  11. You are brave, my friend... in so many ways! :)

    We'll be flying next week for the first time, but I won't be alone. I'll have an extra 20 teens that I am partially responsible for. Not sure if going alone would have been more brave! :) Gummy is beautiful, and I am so happy that I was able to "experience" her miracle through you. Forever grateful for the interwebs that have allowed us to "know" one another and see our happy ever afters come to be. Much love my friend...

  12. We had to fly with V when she was less than 3 weeks old, as do many adoptive parents. It's pretty crazy when you think about it, but it was actually pretty easy having flown a 15 month old last week. Infant are so much easier to get out and about...But I am very impressed that you did it alone! Good for you!