Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We interrupt this motherhood

For another hospital admission. Gummy is in great shape but my blood pressure decided to climb new heights. So after spending 10 hours on a cot in a busy ER hallway, the doc decided to admit me. The blood pressure wouldn't settle despite a 5-course menu of drugs given to appease it.

I spent the whole day breaking into tears. I just kept seeing her little face, her dainty fingers, her soft little head. I couldn't bear not to be with her.

Thankfully, I am being discharged

There are many tales from the birth and hospital stay to be recounted here, but it will have to wait. Right now, all I can think about is getting home to my girl.


  1. Well, crap. I'm so sorry. Glad you're getting home to your girl. Hoping the next days get easier...

  2. Wow, not a fun time. I hope you're back with your girl soon!

  3. Hope you are being discharged as I write. You should be home with Gummy and Mr. August for your 3-year wedding anniversary!

    How is your blood pressure now? Please keep us posted on how *you* are doing, beloved!

    Sending healthy, low-blood-pressure thoughts to you and love to the whole family.

    XOXOXO from your 40-yr-old friend, Oat

  4. How low can you go. Go HOME!!! :)

  5. Much caring from an unknown reader. Hope you stay better now and get to enjoy your precious daughter.

  6. Oh no! I hope you're doing well now and can get back to being with baby girl gummy - i'm sure she misses her mommy as much as you miss her! Thinking of you ... xoxo

  7. Oh no oh no:( I was away from O for about an hour after he was born and it nearly killed me. Can't imagine what you've been through but am so glad you are headed home to her. Sending hugs upon hugs to you.

  8. oh no, I hope you are doing better. Just saw the pic of your little one, amazing and beautiful. i am filled with joy for you.

  9. Crappy..... Super crappy, hope you home and snuggling in with your wee one.

  10. Crappy..... Super crappy, hope you home and snuggling in with your wee one.

  11. Oh HELL! Totally not the cocooning fantasy I was having for you. But I hope it's been mainly cocooing, and that you're back at it already. I can still recall that incredibly visceral DO NOT PART ME FROM MY BABY feeling, and my heart goes out to that poor de-babied Augusta all alone on her cot!

  12. After so much this seems like too much, but my hope echoes everyone here. Home with that cuddly cutie and enjoying the small wonders in toes and wee nose.

  13. Oh dear -- so sorry you had to be away from her overnight, but hope you were able to get to feeling better during this time. Take good care of you and enjoy the cuddling! Can't wait to hear more about Gummy!

  14. Wow. Of course this is difficult and so so unfair. I hope you home now and holding your precious gummy girl!

  15. Oh dear Augusta, so sorry you've endured such stress. Hope you're feeling better & enjoying time at home with your girl. I also had blood pressure problems following birth and had to be on medications for about a month after Ian's birth. Hope things calm down and you can just enjoy your daughter!

  16. Oh my GOSH. I'm so sorry! So glad you're getting discharged today!!!

  17. Oh no!! Augusta, hope you are better now and that your BPs are normal.

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