Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The state of affairs at 4:30am

The persistent insomnia of late pregnancy does have some net benefits. Some nights, I work on my birthing relaxation using a couple of tracks on my phone (one from hyp. nobirthing and the other from circle and bloom). I've also used that time to read up on newborns and breastfeeding. Because I know just about nothing about the creatures and I hear tell there is one coming to live at my house very very soon. Tonight, I can use my 3:30 to 5:30am window for pecking out an update on my phone.

(At home I would use my computer but I am "sleeping" at Sattva's. This after an epic argument with Mr. A who insisted we needed our bedroom and office painted YESTERDAY, quite likely the day before our daughter s birth. I was incensed and also didn't want the paint fumes to affect gummy. Oh marriage.)

My OB appt. was less pivotal than I imagined. My bp was still high (even after a 3-day weekend of diligent rest), but not as high as some of last week's readings. My cervix had maybe thinned out a little, said the good doctor optimistically. And there was still no protein in my urine. Status quo.

Dr. Smiley asked what I wanted to do. Get a haircut and a pedicure and wait patiently until my gummy girl wants to make an exit of her own free will? I didn't say that but that sums up my wishes. I restated what I thought were my options: have the baby tomorrow (today!!!) or have the baby next week. Since I couldn't decide, she made the decision of repeating all the diagnostic tests today and decide based on the results.

So I am off to Pleasantville General Hospital for an ultrasound, a non stress test and some blood work later this morning. I will turn right to the u/s department. And no matter what happens after that, I will feel very grateful that I didn't turn left to the d&c department.


  1. I am so excited for you to really begin this journey Augusta! You are so close!! Trust in your instincts - you are going to be a terrific mommy to gummy bear. Your life is about to change in ways that will blow your mind. I can't wait to read all about it!! xoxoxo

  2. Love you, Augusta! I am reading and virtually pacing for you and Gummy every day. (and I love Mr.A, but...really? NOW? I guess we all cope in our own ways...)
    xoxo, Momo

  3. Oh how exciting! I can't wait for you to get to meet Gummy :) Will be anxiously awaiting an update!

  4. Excited for you!

    Are you planning on using hyp.nobabies during labor? I'm very interested int eh program and would love to hear about your experience!

  5. So exciting!!! Good luck today whatever the decision is. Thanks for the update!

  6. You're the psychology professional here, so I'm sure I'm saying something you already know, but I'd guess your dear spouse is nervous, worried about you and the baby, a little freaked out over the imminent/not imminent nature of her arrival, and excited all in one, and taking it out on something he can do something about and which will, in the long run, make things nicer: painting. That said, MARRIAGE!

    Hope you and Gummy keep being okay, and that she makes a timely exit - maybe even of her own accord. :)

  7. Tapping fingers waiting impatiently and humming hold music. Yeah, painting, amazing what one will insist upon at this point. Perhaps in the long run, it will save said marriage as your hubs won't be staring at the walls angry that he didn't manage to paint before bebeh arrived.

    Back to waiting for updates.

  8. Second attempt at sending this comment...

    Hi there, resty mama! Hope that today's tests went well. This is silly, but when I first saw the word "restated" in your second-to-last paragraph above, I heard it in my head as "rest-ated"--you know, rhymes with "gestated." And then I realized that that's exactly what you're doing: REST-ATING! For as long as possible. Just wanted to share. :) Sending you big love.

  9. I keep getting inarticulate when I try to comment on these IMPENDING GUMMY posts because I'm just so excited. I really want everything to go smoothly and safely, and be perfect and magical for you, but then my mind keeps jumping ahead to the part where you have your daughter in your arms... So soon! So amazing!

    As for marriage, yeah, we were at each other's throats in the period before Bun Bun--so much free floating anxiety. I hope the painting went well...

  10. OMG can't believe how soon she will be here!!!! yayayay
    love and luck to you my sweet friend