Wednesday, February 13, 2013

L&D: a visit

My title makes it sounds like I'm about to recount the appointment I was supposed to make with the public health nurse to go visit the Pleasantville Birthing Unit (PBU).

But no. I was sent over today after my OB really took a strong dislike to my blood pressure numbers. 138/96 with the nurse, and the diastolic above 100 when Dr. Smiley took it. So much for my 1pm therapy patient.

Mr. A looked as though his legendary low blood pressure visited the stratosphere when I drove back home after the OB to tell him I was going to the hospital. 'Calm down', I said, 'they just want to monitor the baby and do blood work.'

We got a lovely nurse who chased gummy around with her external monitoring probe, warmly calling her the kidlet. Gummy finally settled and the monitoring could start. My b/p was still silly high at this point, even though I felt pretty calm overall. We spent about 1.5 hours there, by the time they got the blood work results back and the urine test. The on-call OB reviewed my symptoms with me after the blood work came back squeaky clean. We have: 1) high blood pressure and 2) epigastric pain. Nothing else really. When we reviewed that together, I said, as a conclusive statement, 'so, hypertension of pregnancy then?'*. He smiled at me sideways and asked what I do for a living.

So he put me on meds. Labe.talol. A beta-blocker. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but we have to do something to make this b/p go down before it becomes pre-eclampsia.  

I go back to L&D tomorrow for another non stress test. Dr. Smiley will be on call, so she will make some decisions. She talked about stopping work sooner than later. She said Gummy would be evicted at 38 weeks if the b/p keeps being high. That's a week from Monday. Oh goodness me. She also did say it was time to stop going to the gym. Too bad. I liked my morning walks on the treadmill.

We had an u/s on Monday and Gummy looked fantastic. She is definitely a she. And what a cutie! Her weight was estimated at 6lbs 6oz, so I think that if she does need to be out early, she'll be a good size.

I'll keep you posted on what happens tomorrow, lovelies.
Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.  

* the subtext being: 'as opposed to full blown pre-eclampsia')


  1. Take care of yourself!!! You are so close :)

  2. If it makes you feel any better, there has been a ton of research on the drug you've been prescribed and it is very, very safe in pregnancy.

    While I fully support keeping babies baking as long as possible, at least you're almost full term! (Here they say 37 weeks, I think?)

  3. Oh! WOW! That could be Quite Soon! I'm sorry about the cruddy BP. I hope it somehow results in you getting to sit on your bum eating bon bons for a few weeks and delivering on your own, intervention free! Well, I mean, with medical HELP, not literally on you own. (Since all my wishes come true, I need to be careful.)

  4. Ugh...sorry for the L&D trip but glad you're being watched. 38 weeks isn't bad, really, esp if she's that big already. (LG was 6 lb 12 oz when she was evicted at 38w5d...the latest of the possible induction dates I was given) Get some rest!!!

  5. Hello in there, Gummicita!!! Sucks that you had to go in and get poked and that your b/p was (like how I did that? *was*?) worryingly high. SO glad it's not pre-eclampsia, though. Keep 'er baking as long as you can, but whenever she makes her appearance, she'll be perfect--already so big! Eeee, can't wait to meet her! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. The plural of anecdotes is not data, hypertension reasserted itself at the beginning of the third trimester of my pregnancy with twins, and I couldn't take the diuretic/calcium channel blocker I had taken before the pregnancy, so my MFM prescribed labetalol. Worked great, and my babies are fine. They kept me on it post-birth while I was breastfeeding, too. Yeah, sucks to have to take meds while pregnant, but if you have to take anything, labetalol is about as non-problematic as you can get short of Tylenol. (I had countless nurses tell me that it was either the drug they would request if hypertensive and pregnant/breastfeeding, or the drug that they had been prescribed while hypertensive and pregnant/breastfeeding.) Sorry you're having to deal with this, and good luck!

  7. Oh my goodness indeed! As a person who had her baby evicted at 36 weeks due to a complete placenta previa, I'm here to say it'll be OK-- gummy is cooked and will do just fine. So very excited for you!

  8. Oh I'm excited for you! Boo! Though about the high bp. I had that too and Lola was evicted quiet early. I'm going to have to remember the name of the medication they've put you on...I might need to bring that one up with my OB if mine starts to rise again. I'll be thinking of you!

  9. oh my! Take it easy my friend....

    My blood pressure was 139/77 at my last appointment and I was all freaked out about it but my Dr. says its still within normal range so it could have been an isolated reading that was a bit higher than my nomral 125/75. Let's hope so!

    I'm thinking of you and Gummy Bear - get those feet up girl!!

  10. Glad they caught it early! Hoping that gummy can keep cooking a while longer.