Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gummy to remain a fetus...

for a few more days, at least. But no doubt, she is very close to becoming a baby.

My little darling got 8/8 for her biophysical profile, and was getting comments like "beautiful" on the non stress test. She is a happy fetus, that one. That's why she will be allowed to remain one for a little longer. Her mama's blood pressure was lower today, and the blood work and urine continued to look squeaky clean.

Dear Dr. Smiley, who incidentally is pregnant herself (28ish weeks), was run off her feet. I wanted to sit her down and offer her fluids and something to eat. Women having babies all at once, and quickly running out of rooms in which to put them. As soon as I heard rumbles of that through the thin curtains, I knew we were coming back home.

The plan is to go back for more tests at PBU on Saturday, and another blood pressure check at the office on Tuesday. The induction will happen next week, but I don't know when. Perhaps this will allow my body to start working on this birthing thing. Who knows. I was glad to learn that gummy's head is quite low, heading in the right direction. Atta girl.

I will update when there is more to say. Thank you for your thoughts and excitement. I'm getting very excited too.


  1. So exciting! can't wait for the big news!

  2. Oh Man! It's just so exciting! You've done so great! I can't wait to hear of her arrival! Wishing you a happy and healthy birth!
    All my best!

  3. Next weeeeeek!!!!!! Wow. Sending you love, patience, smooth sailing, continued happiness for the beautiful healthy Gummy bear, and peace at home. Nearly jumping out of my seat with excitement. So so so very happy this day is coming.

    All my love, Oat

  4. Yay for a bit more time! 38ish weeks is a mighty find time to have a baby! (Mine were 37w5d and 38w4d...both c-sections, both perfectly healthy) Enjoy these last something just for you, something you think you might miss as a mama for a good long while :)

  5. Yay gummy! Keep growing...we look forward to meeting you soon!

  6. I recommend a nice haircut. You will be thankful for a fresh trim in all those new mom pictures. A perfect BP 8/8 is awesome. It is sweet to get a glimpse of her, too. Looking forward to meeting her next week, it sounds like. Back to waiting anxiously for the sweet gummy. Also hoping very much for a chance to have a safe childbirth ye olde fashioned kind. But, any way she arrives safely is quite perfect.

  7. Writing after a long silence. So glad to hear that you are well, that Gummy is ready to make her beautiful appearance in this beautiful world. I'm sending you love, karma, good thoughts, well wishes. And I like Misfits' haircut recommendation:)

  8. 8/8! What a STAR she is!! Thinking of you both, sending all my love. You're so close to meeting your daughter!

  9. Phew! I half expected to wake up to a gummy in arms. I'm so glad you are both doing well in this holding pattern. I hope she makes it to March. March is such a nice springy month for birth!

  10. Glad to hear that you are both doing well and that Gummy will be allowed to "cook" a little longer. Next week is just around the corner - hooray!!

  11. Eeek! I am so excited for you! But more than that, I am thrilled to hear that Gummy is doing well, as are you. Keep up the good work mama - you're cooking this baby girl to perfection!

  12. I am soooo excited for you...been thinking of you. Good luck next week.

  13. Just stepping in to let you know I am SO filled with awe and anticipation for you. You will be a mama very very soon!!! Really excited for you!


  14. My heart is racing with excitement for you!! I look at my husband (who thinks so highly of you too) every day and say how amazing this is. My happiness for you is overflowing.
    Your east coast friend

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