Monday, February 4, 2013

First babies come late, right. Right?

Let me start by clarifying that Gummy is still an inside baby (otherwise known as a fetus). But at 35 weeks on the dot, I am starting to wonder about how long she'll decide to stay in there. Or how long she will be allowed.

My last visit to my OB was all good, except for my blood pressure, which was higher than usual. Dr. Smiley said to keep an eye on it, stop by the pharmacy and get a reading whenever convenient. I've been doing that and the tricky diastolic number is rising. Crap.

For the last 30 some odd weeks, I've been banking on Gummy arriving on the late side of her due date: March 11. I've told my employer that I would work until March 8. Being that it is International Women's day, it seemed an appropriate one to go on maternity leave.

I'm not sure if it was the initial high blood pressure reading, my colleague who is due the day after me being ordered to stop work last week to go on bed rest, or a fellow DE mama I correspond with whose darling girl showed up at 35 weeks, but I'm thinking my early prognostications might be bunk. If the blood pressure keeps going up, Gummy will get an eviction notice I believe.

I have an OB appointment this Thursday, and plan on asking many 'what if' questions. We've already established that I'm a high maintenance patient at my last appointment (when I remarked I was and she laughed, the international sign of acquiescence). And I am mentally switching gears at work and trying to wrap things up as much as I can each day.

Maybe if I visualize what date I need her to come on, she will abide. (loved your comments on my last post, women. Thank you for not throwing tomatoes at me).   

In the mean time, I have fully settled into the fatigue of T3. It is more intense than T1 for me. I am as big as a house (more like a home, my beloved friend said). My sleep is on the crappy side of bad (but I don't want to say that one too loudly, since you know, it's about to get worse). Heartburn, digestive upsets, and sadness and tearfulness. Bring it on, I say. Embracing pregnancy is where it's at, women. It's a glorious journey.


  1. If you are looking for early dates, there is always next sunday, February 10th. If that is too early (likely) then I vote for March 6 ;-)
    Either way, I'd better get my package into the post.
    XO, Momo.

  2. Wow...35?!

    Here's hoping you make it to 37. And then that 39-40 week sweet spot...

  3. Bring it on! I love that sentiment! Glad that you are still managing to enjoy pregnancy, despite being tired, emotional, and uncomfortable! I hope you get all of your questions answered at your appointment. Try my tactic: after I ask I ton of questions I use the same tone of voice and ask "ok, one more question: does it say diva on my chart?" Hope that brings a laugh!

  4. Love that you're 35wks and love the bring it on attitude! Do be careful though with that rising blood pressure, my preeclampsia developed terribly quickly with Ian's pregnancy and resulted in his early arrival. I started to swell badly as the preeclampsia developed and just didn't know at the time that was a warning sign so if you start to swell a lot get that blood pressure checked ASAP. Hope all continues smoothly!

  5. 35 weeks, wow. It would be great to push back delivery as late as possible, and I hope the preeclampsia monster does not raise its head, but at this point, you are SAFE, and that is such a wonderful, amazing thing!

    I've been a totally absentee commenter lately, but just know I'm here and reading and cheering you on :)

  6. I'm hoping that running the scenarios on Thursday will bring you a sense of peace. Congrats for making it so far!!

  7. Let her (her!!!) cook as long as possible! Late babies eat better which means they sleep better :) But at this point she could come at any time and be developed enough. HOORAY! Not long now!

  8. Hold tight little one!

    Get your plans in order and rest in confidence.

  9. 35 weeks!!!! You and gummy are doing so well!
    I'm kind of pleased to hear you say you planned to finish work a few days before your due date because at this point thats my plan too. My reasoning was sort of different in the fact that so many people 'plan' to have a month or whatever off work before the baby arrives (because they think their due date is a definite secure arragement)and then end up being dissapointed because babe comes early and they had no 'me' time. My plan was never to assume anything and just wait for the medical peeps to tell me when enough is enough. I'm so excited for you and gummy, sorry sleeping is causing troubles... I like the fact that your belly is a 'home', thats a really sweet perspective of your friend to give.

  10. Oh my dear friend... so excited to read that you are at 35 weeks! I am sorry to hear about your blood pressure creeping up and I hope that you are able to tie up all the loose ends necessary before she is "evicted" Looks like we'll be close behind you as our Expectant Mom is already telling us she is sure she will be having the baby early. Praying she'll make it to 35 weeks. Hoping we'll be sharing our joys as new moms very soon... it's been such a long road. Hoping and praying that your birth experience is a good one and in the end, that you are holding your little miracle tight. Big hugs to you my friend!

  11. I hope that you and your little girl are fine - 35 weeks is a fine time to be born if necessary!

    Also, although your sleep *will* be worse with a newborn - as well you know! - it's perfectly legitimate to feel that it sucks NOW.

    As for work, I applaud your responsibility; I had to leave suddenly with my first child - I went off to a doctor's appointment and never came back - and lots of people who aren't pregnant have emergencies, too.

  12. you're getting so close! it's tough not knowing exactly when they are coming or what will transpire, isn't it? and yet so exciting!! reading along with quiet anticipation for you!! hang in there a bit longer, little baby!!


  13. Hmmm. I don't want you to be rushed or to have anything at all to worry about. So let's hope it was just a fluke. A series of flukes. Can being worried about an early baby make your blood pressure rise? That said, I remember a day when I realized my child might not actually wait until her official date. I bet it's not a bad thing to be tidying things up on the work front.

    I see there is no 35 week photo documenting this big as home phenomenon. So I don't believe it.

    Also, BABY BABY BABY BABY! Just getting a little excited here.

  14. Hopefully your blood pressure will behave and Gummy can stay put at least until her due date! Hope the appointment Thursday goes well and you get good news.
    Take care!