Saturday, December 29, 2012

On the brink of 30

Oh, if only that were my age! Well, I'm still pretty darn grateful to be on the brink of 30 weeks in this pregnancy. I'm sorry to bore you with this again, but it still is completely unreal (and I say that as gummy elbows me in the ribs).

I am surviving the Holidays. It is not my favorite time of year. This year, I decided that being a good daughter was more important than being true to what I really want. So I traveled to Montreal and played the good daughter part for far too many days. Despite it driving me almost completely bananas (my current visit to my in-laws is actually completing the process), I'm still glad I went. There were important moments to take part in. Chats about life and death. I still always feel peripheral in my family (in my life, really - which is another post), but there is value to being there, even in the periphery.

The family, both on my mother's and my father's side, is convinced I am carrying a baby boy. The best explanation was from my darling grandmother who explained that my tummy wasn't pointy, but more round and even, which clearly signaled a boy. I find it all amusing. I don't have a real sense about whether gummy is a girl or a boy. But I've got a requisition for a growth scan that might shed light on the matter.

I saw my OB on Friday, which is truly always a pleasure. Dr. Smiley is like a brook in spring. Despite the Christmas eating, I had gained only 3lbs since the last appointment. She asked about that, and my best explanation was a stomach bug combined with my licensing exam, followed by a cold. One cannot be earnest in their effort to gain weight in those circumstances. And Christmas brought some good eating, but meals were often consumed with a dose of irritation, since most of them were with my mother. And irritation can fill you up. Oh, to be more tolerant of my poor mother.

My blood pressure was great, again. I was thinking it would be awful, since I was running on a few hours of sleep (we left Montreal in a record breaking snow storm, which meant that our train was delayed by 5 hours. We got home at 4:30am, to the very lonely and relieved Chicken). I also just started having the ankle swelling everyone warns you about. My socks leave troughs of significant proportions on my lower legs, which is fascinatingly gross.

I was happily surprised to learn that I am nowhere near having gestational diabetes. Woohooo! The nurse said I wasn't even flirting with the borderline range. My iron, B12, etc. were all good.

Dr. Smiley did note that I was measuring ahead in terms of fundal height. Knowing who she is dealing with, she told me twice not to worry about it. I've avoided asking Dr. Google about it, and I will continue to tell myself that baby gummy is just long. From her palpation, she could also tell that gummy is breach right now. It clarified that what I have been feeling at the top of my abdomen are in fact elbow pokes and wee head butts.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the Holidays, I feel thankful. I rub my belly and think that if gummy arrives safe and sound, I will be a mother. I am so lucky. So very lucky. 


  1. Dearest, this shall be the first and only era during which I will be *glad* to hear that you are being elbowed in the ribs! It's real, you are at 30 weeks and you will be a mother soon. I can't wait to meet gummy!!!

    Also just wanted to say you are so far from peripheral in *my* life -- you are one of the axes that ground me. And I suspect that is the case for many of your readers, whether they know you IRL or no.

    Hugs and gratitude for the healthy check-up, and much love.

    XOXO, Oat

  2. 30 weeks! How great!

    FWIW, Tiny Boy was persistent frank breech until he suddenly flipped at 32ish. Stayed that way until delivery...

  3. Was thinking of you the other day and so thankful to read this update! 30 weeks is such a fantastic milestone for you & gummy!
    Sounds as though you're doing so well in terms of the weight gain, I'm afraid I probably gained close to 3lbs myself over the Holidays and I do not currently have a good excuse:)
    Sending love and light your way and so excited for you as you enter this next phase of the pregnancy!

  4. This all great news! So happy things are going smoothly! I love how you reference Dr Google! i need to remind myself to stay clear of him often! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2013!

  5. That holiday experience sounds a bit wretched. But I think you're going to have the mother (AH HA HA HA HA!) of all reasons to make your own nuclear family the priority in the coming years. 30. WOW. It's so utterly wonderful, isn't it! Tell us MORE about how gummy is kicking and poking! I love hearing every last detail about everything connected with this pregnancy!

  6. 30! And gummy is elbowing you! This is wonderful. Although it sounds like your Christmas was less than ideal, I bet you're ecstatic every time you feel those kicks.

  7. Thinking of you my friend. I've chosen to step away from my family and totally get how challenging it can be to embrace the holidays. You are a much better person than I to make the trek and effort this year! I am so thrilled you've made it to 30 weeks, and I can't wait for you to have the title of mom so very soon. Big hugs to you!

  8. Oh family!.... Makes you want to have your own even more. You survived and it sounds like gummy is doing great too! 30 weeks is a big milestone congrats!!