Tuesday, November 20, 2012


24w1d today*. We have reached the elusive viability status. I beg gummy not to think this means it's time to make an appearance. But this was the next big milestone in my mind and now I've reached it. At the last OB appointment, I asked specifically about it. I thought that being in a smaller town, viability would be later, since there is no NICU at Pleasantville General Hospital. But the OB said viability is the same as it is everywhere, just that any babies looking to be born before 32 weeks will buy their mamas a ride in an ambulance to the university hospital 45 minutes away, or to the big city, or west to Fertility Treatment Town, my old haunt. Well I'm not planning on making the ambulance trip, but it's good to have the notion in mind of what would happen, and that gummy could live at this point.

At work today, I had the two extremes on a continuum of reactions to pregnant bodies. One colleague guffawed loudly and said "Wow Augusta, you have grown so much in the last few days! You have really popped!" And then later on, my boss stopped me in the hall and said "Augusta, I have to say I was looking at you in the kitchen and you can barely tell you are pregnant!" It just makes me laugh, since you know, I'm not feeling a tremendous amount of control over this. It's nothing I'm doing or not doing. I'm just growing a baby and I look the way I look. But it is a bit intense how much people are commenting on my body.

Speaking of work, it has continued to be super busy. I'm thankful for it, but it leaves me with less time to blog. At the beginning of December, I will be taking my final licensing exam. This one is an oral exam in front of a panel of three. I'm imagining it as nerve wracking as the Ph.D. defense, except this time, everyone in the room will be strangers. If I pass, it means I get my license and I won't have to worry about it while on mat leave. It also helps with looking for work after mat leave, since a job candidate with a license is preferable to one in the process of getting a license. Now if I can only start convincing myself that weekends are meant for preparing and not eating out and watching episodes of House.

Chicken thanks you for your sweet comments. She is well aware of how beautiful she is, but never tires of hearing it. She's a cat, after all. 

* I put a substandard bump pic on the gummy bear page of what my torso looks like at this point.


  1. This is such awesome news! So happy for you and gummy bear, my friend!

  2. Happy viability day to you augusta.
    Lovely gummy bump photo too

  3. I am simply thrilled that you have reached this wonderful milestone. I cannot wait until you are holding this baby in your arms, Augusta! xoxo

  4. I saw the first bump photo a few days ago and totally teared up. When it's the beautiful belly of someone you love, it's such a delight to see. (I guess it helps that I've got loads of babies of my own...) I'm so grateful for every day that you keep growing that fetus, and when he or she gets here, all full-term and perfect, oh man, it will be like a new member of my family.

    Have viability cake. It's a tradition.

    1. I've been thinking of the carrot viability cake you had with Bun Bun (am I remembering it right?). Anyway, it's in the books for this week. Viability cake!
      And thank you, Bunny. It felt like new members of my family when your Buns were born.

  5. Une nouvelle étape de franchie :-)

  6. Yah for 24 weeks! It's so exciting! I hope everything continues to sail along for you. All my best!

  7. whoo hoo! viability!! what a great milestone to hit : )

  8. Love you, love little gummy, love that you have reached this day. XOXO, Oat.

  9. Yippee!! Very glad to read this news, Augusta. Wonderful.

    And people get so STRANGE around the bump. They're prone to the oddest (and, sometimes, most inappropriate) reactions. It'd be funny except sometimes it's just...weird.

    (I deem your bump beautiful).

  10. Hurray! And surely Gummy knows that just because it would be *possible* to come out now, that doesn't mean s/he *should.* All I can say is ... hurray!

  11. Love the belly bump! It's so cute. I also think it's rather interesting how the comments start coming in. I've had so many people tell me how small I am and how I'm carrying so low (I AM, indeed doing that) and then my husband tells me how big I'm getting. I went to the hair dresser 2 weeks ago wearing a very tight t-shirt. When I told her how my hair has changed since getting pregnant she asked "oh? You're pregnant?". When I told my husband that story his eyes got big and he was shocked that she didn't notice. I guess some people just don't pay as much attention. I've even had quizzical (sp?) looks when I tell people how far along I am...as if I'm lying to them. It's strange but comical.

    I had the conversation with my OB about early arrival, too. It's nice to know what could happen but I give my little one pep talks almost every day that as much as we want to meet her and hold her, she needs to stay in there for quite a while yet. Hopefully she (and your Gummy) are listening.

  12. SIGH of RELIEF!!! And best of luck on your upcoming licensing exam!!