Thursday, September 6, 2012


I saw Dr. Lovely as planned yesterday. She was pleased to hear that there had been no bleeding. I started off with my big advocacy piece without delay. At first, she was gently suggesting that an additional u/s would not tell us anything new, that we would want to do that if I started to bleed but not really otherwise. I said that waiting a month to visit the OB seemed like a very long time, especially because I feel like a ticking time bomb. And also that this sounded like a reactive, as opposed to a proactive strategy. She listened. She's really good like that. I said that I wondered where the SCH were located exactly in relation to the placenta. She looked at the report from the imaging clinic, which is when I realized she hadn't seen the u/s at all. The report said the placenta is anterior, and the big mofo is on the right, while the little SCH is on the left. Ok, that helped a tiny bit. Perhaps the SCH is not ripping the placenta from the uterine wall as we speak.

I started asking about options. Could I not go see the OB earlier? She's really busy, I was told, and never even answered Dr. Lovely's query about recommendations for dealing with SCH. She said she would bug the OB office for an answer. Could she send my referral back to the large university hospital MFM clinic to see whether, now that I have a large SCH, they would consider taking me as a patient? She said she could try that. Could I get another u/s between now and the day I have to see the OB? Yes, she felt that was reasonable. When I said that the word on the street about the imaging was pas bon, she looked curious. What did I hear, she asked. I told her a few things, and she admitted that she herself had a bad experience there. Consensus! So she referred me to the Pleasantville General Hospital for the u/s, which will happen on September 14. She said it will be good to get a second opinion. I'll say.

In the appointment, we also listened to the baby's heartbeat. She laughed and mockingly scolded me for buying a doppler - after saying that she used the one at work all the time during her pregnancies (and she would, especially for the pregnancy after her stillbirth). It took a few minutes to find it and then there it was, loud as a crow. It still seems so amazing.

And amidst my questions about when the second trimester really, truly starts, Dr. Lovely declared that I had made it. Good enough for me.


  1. Good for you advocating for yourself! I'm glad your doctor was receptive. I think of you often and am so psyched you are in the second trimester.

  2. Glad that you were pulling for yourself and baby in there :) And glad that your doctor was willing to listen. Good luck on the 14th for some good news about those little troublemakers.

  3. Way to take the bull by the horns, lady! I'm so glad your doctor is on your side and willing to take you seriously. A good doctor is priceless in these circumstances. And YAY for the 2nd trimester! I'm so excited for you! I hope you keep sailing right on through. Ok, now we need 9/14 to get here so that you can see your little one again!

  4. Happy second trimester -- you *have* made it, in so many ways! I am thrilled that you'll get another u/s a week from tomorrow. Excellent. Your self-advocacy has always been inspiring to me, and never more so than now. Good, good news.

    Sending you love, Oat

  5. Congrats on making it it T2. What an amazing milestone augusta. I'm glad you were able to be referred to a diffent US clinc, and good for you for self advocating.... Its so important, I really believe that.
    I wish you didn't have to think about the SCH cause it's not fair that you don't have a worry free pregnancy, but I'm glad that they are monitoring you well.
    Xxxxx thinking of you

  6. I got nicely watery eyed at that last sentence. You are in T2, lady. I am pretty certain that my OB was never sure what questions I would ask. I am glad that you took charge with Dr. Lovely and have some other opinions to gather. The anterior placenta will mean that you might feel movement much later (as I did), so just something to keep in mind. I think I was solidly past 24 weeks or so before I felt it daily.

    1. thank you for the heads up about the anterior placenta.

  7. (High fives for the anterior placenta club! That's how I grow 'em, too.) It seems unfair that you had to fight so hard to get some special prenatal care, but that just makes it all the more awesome that you achieved it. I embrace your bad self.

    I wish you were in a cloud free T2, but how wonderful that you're here, and I'm hopeful the scan will show some major shrinkage. It will be a long week...

  8. Thinking of you my dear friend... I am sorry I have missed all that you've been through. Hoping that the SCHs stay nice and quiet and that you are able to get some good news from the second opinion.

  9. Sooo proud of you're in the driver's seat!!

  10. Im not too far behind you, although for someone with RPL a few weeks means everything! I wish you all good things and look forward to following your (happy!) journey that I pray is as complication free as possible :)