Saturday, September 15, 2012

I am pregnant

Can you believe it? I guess it's easier for you on the outside, but for me, I have to get used to it several times a day. It fills me with awe.

We went to Pleasantville General Hospital for the ultrasound yesterday. The last time we had to go there was for the D&C. We got there and Mr. A just said "I hate this parking lot - such bad memories." Yes, I had been thinking about that the entire drive to the hospital. Out of the elevator and into the corridor: a left turn leads into the day surgery area. A right turn leads to the diagnostic imaging clinic. We turned left last time, and right this time.

A lovely ultrasound tech took me into the room, and told me right away that she could see the baby and the heartbeat. My eyes still filled up. It's always a very intense moment for me, waiting to hear if the baby is still alive. She had a hard time taking all her measurements because apparently, we have a wiggly gummy. It's absolutely amazing to see this little being move around so much of his or her own volition. She asked if Mr. A was tall, because the baby has very long limbs. I'm actually the one known for her long limbs (I'm 5'10" with a short torso), but I had no genetic say in the creation of this baby. So we'll go with Mr. A (who is about 5'11". Our donor stands at 5'6" - so also not short). It made me wish I could call Sophie and tell her this.

When Mr. A was invited to join us, he asked right away about the SCHs. She replied that she would need to let the doctor talk to us about that. She quickly followed that by saying that is was very common, and that it wasn't much to worry about. She added that it's a concern when the SCH are bigger than the gestational sac, which, when we reflected on it later, thought she said that because the SCHs she saw weren't that big. Nothing in her nonverbal language, noted Mr. A, said that she was concerned or alarmed. Of course, we'll have to see what kind of phone call I get from the doctor on Monday. But right now, I feel very pregnant.

Still no maternity clothes. Some of my roomier pants and skirts still fit well. I know that isn't going to last, but I figure I still have a few weeks. For now, I am focusing all of my time at home on studying for my second licensing exam, which is on September 24. Lots of updates from work to share, but that will have to wait for a different post. 


  1. I am sitting here feeling so overwhelmed with happiness for you that I can barely see the screen through super watery eyes. This. Is. Wonderful. And I cannot think of a more deserving woman.

    Hugs to you from the east coast, my dear friend.

  2. Your post makes me smile ear to ear. So happy for you!!!! Wonderful, WONDERFUL news : )



  3. Yeah! I'm so glad things are going well and that you are starting to feel more "pregnant" in your mind :) Also in regards to not contributing anything to the babies makeup I'm still convinced (maybe just b/c I'm a donor egg mom) that epigenetics can play a part in how our babies develop. It doesn't matter in the end but it's interesting to ponder on sometimes.

  4. I love this post! You are pregnant!

  5. Yes you are pregnant!!! With a long-limbed and wiggly little gummy who is loving being here. And even better, you feel pregnant. This is just exactly the post I have been hoping for. Beyond thrilled. Love to all.


  6. Yes you are, Madam! So thankful that the scan went well, and yeah, I can't imagine she'd have said anything at ALL if there were cause for concern. A reassuring, chipper tech, hurrah! I can hardly contain myself, I'm so excited. But I feel obligated to wait until the doctor weighs in before getting all OH THE THINGS THAT LIE AHEAD FOR YOU!!!

  7. Oat has said it all -- perfectly. <3

  8. Hooray! I love this post! So happy for you. How wonderful it must be to hear that your little one is doing well. Thinking of you my friend


  9. Yes, I can! And YES, you are!! I am so happy that your scan went so well!! You are so deserving of this, Augusta - after everything you've been through I am just so so thrilled for you to have reached this stage!! Enjoy it, my friend!

  10. Yay for another great u/s! I hope you get good news today and that those pesky sch don't interfere in anything. It's so foreign for me, still, to tell people that I'm "pregnant". I've told many people that we are having a baby...but for some reason saying the word "pregnant" brings a whole new strange (but wonderful) feeling to me. I said it at a restaurant the other day and I couldn't believe the words were coming out of my mouth. Once your belly starts to grow and you start to feel movement, it will all seem more real to you. I love an active, wiggly Gummy that gives doctors fits. It means more time for us to look at the u/s screen. :-)

  11. Oh Augusta... you are indeed pregnant. I love this post. I feel like you're carving a path for me here and I hope I can follow swiftly behind you into the otherside of this place.
    So So SOOOOO pleased the u/s was brilliant and that the previous memories of Plesantville General Hospital can be eased with the knowledge of this most recent visit.
    Keep up the good work you brilliant pregnant woman, you!

  12. So thrilled for you dear woman!!! holding hope that this pregnancy moves forward smoothly, lots of love!