Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Growing like hot cakes*

I post these snippets from my phone, so if you are finding me noticeably less loquacious these past few days, now you know why. I also have not figured out yet how to have my iPhone win the battle of the captcha, and so I haven't been able to comment on blogs.

I visited grand papa today. He is 82 and has had a full life. Liver cancer secondary to cirrhosis will take his life soon. He has partied much in his day and now he will rest. It is sad and it is not unexpected. It just is. I'm glad I got to say goodbye.

How many embryos are still dividing, you ask?


Yes all 11 are still growing.


Yes. Really.

We are heading south from Montreal tomorrow morning, on a train bound for Hudson, NY. We meet up with my dear friend the geologist and make the rest of the journey on Friday. The transfer is set for Saturday, but I don't yet have the time.

I'll be sure to update tomorrow.

Thank you to each of you for your thoughts, support, encouragement and love. It means a great deal to me.

*as an ESL person, I used to mix up and combine my expressions, much to the delight of my friends (and this one was a favorite of the Tibetan dumpling)


  1. Well, again I'm sorry that you are dealing with your grsndfather's death at this time. Even when it's expected it's still a lot to deal with. And double YAY for 11 growing embies! That is such great news. Things are moving along so very nicely. I'm so optimistic for you!

  2. That is fabulous, about the embryos I mean. About your grandpa, the passing is sad, but I'm glad he is one of those lucky people who has had a good, full life so far. And that is something to be celebrated. As is the prospect of 11 good looking embryos!

  3. Such fantastic news, my thoughts have been with you today and I'm thrilled to hear this incredible report!!! So excited for Saturday to get here, I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat as well!
    The opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one is a privilege not afforded to many. It's wonderful you had the chance to do so and that your grandfather lived a full life with the time he had. Much love to you Augusta!

  4. YEAH!! Awesome news! Saturday is coming so quickly...hope you enjoy your travels getting there :)

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  6. Dewd. iPad published prematurely. 11 is a favorite number. My friend. Taught an ESL class in college and she would tell me that she'd teach a few useless phrases. I liked "the monkey is stealing my luggage."

    Loquacious delish. Even your sparse updates delight.

  7. Yay for 11!! ELEVEN!!!

    In sadder news, I hope your grand-papa's passing is peaceful. It is usually easier on those that pass, than those that they leave behind. In 2001, my grandfather passed while we were visiting for Christmas. Although it was sad, he was very tired and ready to rest.

    Back to the good news: YAY!!!!!

  8. Awesome news!! Go em babies go!!! SG donors rock on quality (I may be biased though :) ) enjoy the rest of your trip there! I'm pulling for you!
    (your fellow Canuck!)

  9. Awesome awesome news!! 11 ... wholly motha! I can't wait for Saturday :)

  10. Woot woot let's hear it for 11 for your ute!!!! How's that for mad rhyming skillz

  11. 11 = great big :)

    (I'm sorry about your granddad.).

  12. I must find a way to use the expression "selling like weeds"...I just learned that all eleven are still in the running, so I'll just say that I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. What you say about him is pretty fabulous--I wouldn't mind that being my epitaph...