Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hold the parade

Well, it's been a series of funny things. First, I had an unexpected visitor on the weekend, and she wore red. Last week, the nurse we work with at the US clinic told me to hold off on taking my prometri.um and keep taking my estr.ace only.* Well folks, since my body doesn't make progesterone, that lining wasn't going to stay up there on its own, all nicely tucked in waiting for further direction. I should have known. When I emailed this to the nurse on Monday, she said it was breakthrough bleeding. Nope. It's was a period.

Anywho, I did get concerned that it would interfere with things. Especially since her email included a draft schedule with estimated dates for egg retrieval (April 28) and embryo transfer (May 3).

Oh my. I was excited.

Later that day, I got another email saying to start my prom.etrium now and take it for 7 days and then I would get my period. Um, there is nothing left of this lining. What kind of period are we talking about here?

She added that the other recipient had encountered some medical issues and was withdrawing from this match. The donor was being placed back on the donor list and we would have to wait until she got selected by another recipient.


I wasn't crushed or angry or sad. I took it in strides. It's fine, really. I was just excited to see actual dates.

More dates will surely come soon.

Fingers crossed for another match very soon.

* Just for background info, to mimic regular cycles, I take estr.ace from days 1 to 28, and prometri.um from days 17 to 28. Then I stop everything for 7 days (in the middle of which I get a period) and then start again. It's not quite what a regular cycle looks like, but it works for my body and Dr. RE is happy with it (and you know that when Dr. RE is happy, Augusta is happy).


  1. Well crap. I was really hoping that we were going to be cycling right around the same time. You are handling it better than I would, that is for sure. Well, here's to hoping that you get another match very, very soon. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I actually feel bad for the recipient that had to drop out. I hope she's ok. I guess we never know what someone else is going through, right? I'll be waiting right along with you and hoping for a post in the next day or so telling us that your match is complete again. :-)

    1. Yeah, I also thought a lot about the recipient that had to drop out and could just feel how that would be so hard for her. My heart ached for her having to wait longer to get this show on the road. I guess that helped me not feel to upset about our little delay.
      I was hoping you and I would also be cycling around the same time, but hey, you'll just have to pave the way, darling.

  2. Bloody hag has timing, right? If this business hadn't already trained you for the hurry up and wait see-saw, I guess this would be yet another of those chapters. Lordy. I am very excited to see dates, and think of wonderful things to come. I will be here to cheer on those new dates as they arrive and will just send a fat middle finger to this little period shenanigan your body just pulled. Seriously unfair.

  3. OH HELL! I'm not a fan of delays, or useless medical advice that screws things up. Boo. BOOOOO! I'm impressed that you can take it all in your stride. Brave, noble, PATIENT woman. Much love as you wait for the next step in this journey...

  4. Grumbleberries. This is frustrating. But if you're not particularly bummin' about it, then I clearly need to get over it. Delays are annoying, though, and I'm sorry you have to wait for someone else to choose your match. Sigh. And hoping that this all doesn't take too very long to happen, because I want to see you again! Yup, Gussie, your match and lining and donor--it's all about MEEEE! ;) Love you.

  5. So frustrating! I'm glad you are able to take it in stride. I will pray for a quick match with another couple!

  6. Crap...but I guess there would have been a delay because of the other recipient's issue. Ugh, sorry this happened.

  7. Ugh...I know you're putting on your brave face but my goodness how frustrating. Holding hope with you that a new match is made very soon and that you feel strengthened that very soon your day will be here.

  8. I was supposed to have almost the exact same schedule as you until it turned out my PGD stuff wasn't done in time and I was told I have to wait, so I sympathize. It's going to be a 3-month wait for me.

  9. oh crap! Augusta I'm sorry for the delay. And seeing those dates so close you could almost touch them makes it all the more awful. But there will be some more lovely dates on the horizon soon with your name on them. I hope your donor gets another match soon,if it's anything like where i'm looking the good ones get snapped up very quickly so hopefully you wont have to wait too long. But I know, any amount of waiting is awful and you totally do not deserve this, but as usual you will take it all with grace and poise as only Augusta can, you're doing so well!

  10. Ah Augusta. I am so very sorry. My cysts were like a nail to the head. I hate hate hated delays. I am glad at the time of writing this that you were able to keep walking. Feel free to change your mind, of course. I hope the delightful donor is matched again very quickly.

    You know I only got my donor since the recipient who had her reserved had to cancel. It was due to medical issues as well. I thought about her a lot. She tried so very hard to hold on to the donor but it just couldn't be in the end. I wondered what it meant for her - it could have been the end of this road. I tried to send her my best and focus on the gratitude that I was still in the running. Some days worked better than others.

    Keep it up sister, keep it up.

  11. oh man. that is disappointing. sorry to hear about the delay. hope you are hanging in there with this latest setback. hope the ball gets rolling again soon.

  12. Yeah, because what you needed was another delay. *shakes fist at Universe*

    I hope you are doing OK with it and I have crossed ALL of the fingers for another match soon.

    (Also, I LOVED your gestalt joke.)

  13. Oh jeez!! Sorry for the delays Augusta!! I am hoping by now another match has been made.