Wednesday, February 15, 2012

thickening slowly

Made the treck to FTT again this morning for 7:30 am monitoring (which is a 6am departure). Even though I only woke up 15 minutes earlier than I normally do, I didn't get my time at the gym, so I am feeling more groggy. The clinic was much less busy than it was on Friday, as expected (I guess it's common for clinics to keep monitoring and precedures at a minimum during the weekend so they pack 'em in on Fridays and Mondays). It was the medical fellow present at last Friday's u/s who did this morning's u/s. He called me dear, as he was waving that wand around trying to find my ovaries for 10 minutes until he pronounced them inactive. DUDE. Do I have to walk around with a sign on my forehead? OVARIES OUT OF ORDER (may not be visualzed on ultrasound). Whatevs. SG wants to know about the ovaries and exactly what they are doing. Exactly nothing, is the answer.

I asked the fellow what the lining measured and he said 9mm, at which point I uttered a little 'yeah' accompanied with a fist pump. It was warranted, you will agree. Upon seeing my reaction, he looked at the notes again and corrected himself. 7.5mm. Ah darn. That's still on the thin side, despite the 2mgs of estrace twice per day taken vaginally since Friday, and the 2 extra doses of Dele.strogen. Not sure what SG will say about this. I guess I'll find out later today.

Thank you for your comments on my last post. As some of you know, I was working with a TCM doctor (known here as Dr. Ninja) in preparation for my last DE cycle and received regular acupuncture. I have been huming and haing about going back to Dr. Ninja and so far have not pursued it, although this mediocre lining growth and your urgings to get thee to the acupuncturist is tipping me toward the other side. The two main reasons for not going back to Dr. Ninja have been the following:

1) he will require that I take his teas (herbs) since it's a main form of treatment in his practice, and SG advises against taking any herbs (well, I'm guessing the thyme on my shiitake omelette might be ok). My IRL friend who struggled with IF went to see him and had this argument with him at some point. Stretched tautly between Eastern and Western ideologies is a hard place to stand for a patient. I didn't want to put myself in that situation if I didn't have to.

2) Dr. Ninja will tell me to stop drinking coffee. (Go ahead and judge me. I'm ok with that.) I've given up coffee before and I will again if I have to, but it makes my days a whole lot less pleasant and wakeful. I reduced my intake to one large cup a day starting in January. And again this week, I went down to half caf, half decaf. Can't say I like it, and I supplement with green tea in the afternoon, but I am aware that this may help my chances so I am cutting down.

That being said, Dr. Ninja and his team take good care of me, and I really enjoye he acupuncture I've received there. To add to that, I've been reading Alice Domar's book, Conquering Infertility and it's making me appreciate to an even greater extent how much I need to take EXTRA good care of myself. I think I'll call Dr. Ninja's office today.

Thanks for your continued and amazing support, women.


  1. Oh, booooo for not being careful with the difference between 9 and 7.5 mm, Mister Fellow, but hurrah for thickening. Let's keep that trajectory, shall we, Augusta's lining? I suppose it's best to try everything that seems even remotely useful. I'll be interested to see how you handle the no herbs--I somehow don't imagine you lying to either party, as I would...

  2. I do wish he'd remeasured FIRST, before faking you out like that. BUT, it's good news that the lining is thickening, even if not as quickly as we'd like. As to Dr. Ninja, this is a tough one. My clinic, also, was absolutely against mixing fertility meds with herbs, I think because they just didn't know what might happen with the outcome. I don't know what to advise there. But on the coffee front...yes, too much coffee is bad. But it sounds like you've actually cut down quite a bit already - you're only drinking half a cup (however large) of caffeinated. I can't imagine that half a cup is going to make or break things (though, maybe others know more than I do here?).

    Could you see Dr. Ninja for the acupuncture and, er, fudge it slightly as far as the herbs (Of course I'm taking them!) and coffee (No, none at all!)?

  3. 7.5 mm is very good for a mock FET me thinks...and is it possible to find another acupuncturist if you are uncertain with Dr. Ninja? And can you "fake" taking his herbs?? Just a doc would not allow herbs either.

  4. Thank you for stopping by Barla Banana Blog! I hope the best for you in your journey to creating a family!

  5. Oh, the lining fakeout! Did you smack him? Did you want to? Still, 7.5 is nothing to sneeze at! Good for you. As for the Dr. Ninja thing -- yeah, it's a tricky situation. I'd imagine you don't want to put yourself in a position where you're disregarding one caregiver's advice in favor of another's, particularly if it would involve dishonesty. Does your Western doctor have a reason for the herb ban? Are there particular herbs that might interfere with what you're doing on that side, or does he just Fear the Leaf? For me, at least, that would be an important factor in decisionmaking. Another very important factor would be the coffee thing. I am like you -- right down to the one big mug in the morning and green tea in the afternoon -- and I really can't see how cutting back even more will do anything to solve the physical, documented causes of our infertility. And oh sweet lord how I love coffee.

    (This is gingerandlime)

  6. I hear you with the acupuncture dilemma.
    We have a very renowned acupuncturist in Montréal. She got famous because, among others, she was part of the "Dream team" that got Celine Dion pregnant at her 6th IVF. Anyway! I started to see her before my first IVF and all through my 3 IVF (FET included). She also required me to take lots of herbs (yeurk!) and to change drastically my diet (lots of black been, brown rice, fish, no carbs, no meat, etc.) I did my best but it was never enough for her. After more than one year, I had enough. I stopped everything and decided to do my last IVF with no acupuncture.
    Couple months later, I found out that I had problem with my lining and I read on Internet that acupuncture could help. Argh! So I decided to go back, but I also decided to find another clinic. The lady I now see was formed by my first acupuncturist for all the fertility aspect, but do not use herb. And although she promote good eating, she does not bug me with that.
    So, good luck with going back to acupuncture (whether you decide to go back to Dr Ninja or to find someone else)and, most of all, lining, keep doing the good job! Fingers crossed for your next reading...