Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mock cycle begins

I am writing up a storm this month. It's my 6th post in January, for goodness' sake.

We started the Dele.strogen injections last night. I'm happy to report that it didn't hurt very much. Just wait for the PIO shots, you say? Oh yeah, those will be coming before I know it. We will do these injections every 3 days, and then I'll go in for b/w an u/s on Feb. 10 to see what has become of my endometrium. We're hoping for thick red fleece, as Oat would say.

Here is an equation I'm having a tough time solving. Calling all mathematically skilled persons out there (yes, that means you, Misfit).
2mgs estra.ce t.i.d., PO +  2mgs est.race, PV + oes.clim patch 5mg every three days < 20cc of Dele.strogen IM, every three days.

I guess you can concentrate a solution significantly, whereas there is only so far to go with packing a tablet and a transdermal patch with estrogen. I'm still wondering why they wouldn't consider the idea of putting estrogen in bubble bath, eye drops, or dark chocolate.  I am curious to see how my lining will respond to this new estrogen regimen. 

I am thinking of Patience and Jess, both awaiting news about potential adoptions, and also for Patience, awaiting to know more about a pregnancy in its early days. I am hoping so much that they will both finally become mothers.

Hope you are having a nice weekend. It snowed all day here, which incidentally, is one thing that truly makes my heart sing. I love snow.

From Bomobob, an artist from my home town, Montréal.


  1. That equation makes my head hurt. Fleecy fleece would be lovely. The snow is also lovely, but I will bask in this rare 50 degree day with glee. If women ran this business all the good drugs would be delivered via intravenous chocolate drip.

    I have hope here for this go and am thrilled with delightful Augusta greed at the numerous updates. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Im excited that the mock cycle is underway. I used to heat my ass first then do the delestrogen (and progesterone) and then ice. I was able to avoid lumps. It also hurt less. I am also a huge fan of endometrium its a progesterone suppository (now available in canada) it works the same as pio. When will the real cycle start?

  3. You lost me at PO and PV...wait, per oral and per vaginal (or something Latin meaning something to that effect)? How'd I do? I love math, but I'll be no help with that one. But...hooray for getting the mock cycle started! Looking forward to the fleece to come. Thinking of you and sending love.

  4. Sending,thick, fuzzy lining your way!!! Only an IFer would be able to say that to a fellow IFer....shag carpet here we come!!

  5. Happy mock cycle! I will be hoping for red velvet up in there, and not in the form of a cupcake. Which is a truly alarming thought, and I wish I could unhave it, and I bet you wish I would just delete this whole comment. BUT NO! I'm so sorry about all the injections that come along with this experience. All I can say is please please please please please let it be worthwhile. I believe it will be. I have a lot of faith in your glorious endometrium and them Yankee eggs...

  6. Happy cycle indeed! I'm wishing you a nice fuzzy, and fluffy, lining.

  7. Bonjour Augusta,
    J'essaie de t'écrire un commentaire depuis plusieurs jours déjà! Enfin, je réussis! (blogger n'était pas mon ami dernièrement)
    Je voulais te remercier pour ton commentaire sur mon blog. J'ai ensuite découvert le tien avec beaucoup d'intérêt. Ton histoire m'a réellement touchée et tu écris magnifiquement!
    Je te souhaite bonne chance pour ton mock cycle et j'espère que les injections vont te faire un magnifique endomètre! De mon côté, comme tu l'as peut-être lu sur mon blog, je n'ai pas eu beaucoup de succès avec les 2mgs estra.ce t.i.d. PO + 2mgs est.race, t.i.d. PV + oes.clim patch 5mg aux 2 jours. J'atteins péniblement un petit 7mm. Par contre, mon médecin m'a dit qu'il n'existait aucune autre solution, il ne m'a jamais parlé d'injections. Enfin! Puisque mon cycle avec donneuse est officiellement commencé, il ne me reste plus qu'à espérer pour le mieux.
    Bonne chance et contente de voir qu'il neige enfin par chez vous ;-)!!!
    Au plaisir, Feelie

  8. An ode to your mock cycle:

    May you lining be thick and your rump remain unbruised!

    Best of luck!!

  9. Thanks for thinking of me my dear, and I will be thinking of you as well. Positive vibes all around.