Saturday, November 26, 2011

Transitions update

The month of November is now almost over, and I have not posted much at all. As I've said in my last posts, there have been many transitions. A little recap of the past month:
  • I finished my contract in FTT and finished it well. I completed all my reports and said all my goodbyes. It was difficult to leave. I had grown very attached to many people there. I miss them. I also miss the comfort of knowing how to work with different team members, and knowing the procedures. But boy, I really don't miss the part about living there part time and living at home on weekends. 
  • Mr. A and I went to Cuba. It was a restful time, just as I had hoped. By chance, we landed in a terrific resort. It was terrific because it was very small, very new, very beautiful, and very quiet. The loudest part was the bus ride to the resort with patrons of other resorts in the neighborhood. Luckily, we dropped those guys off next door, and carried on with the quiet people to our resort. The week consisted of swimming, lying on a lawn chair, reading, eating, drinking and taking multiple showers in the outdoor shower on our back balcony. We really liked the Cuban people and vowed to return to explore Havana and other parts of the country. The week went by very fast, but in the end, it was what we were looking for. As promised, here are my toes:
    An unlikely pink for a not-very-girly woman
  • We returned on Sunday November 13 and I started my new job on Monday the 14th. Quick turn around indeed. My new colleagues welcomed me warmly. I liked that. So far, it's been a slow start in terms of the work. I also like that, especially after the frenetic pace of the last job. I hope that I will like the work there, but if I don't, it will be time to look for another job in early next fall. 
  • Living at home is wonderful. Minus the morning and evening commute in heavy traffic. I am driving to work towards one of the largest cities in Canada, so there is traffic. Lots of it. Luckily, Neko, my beloved little car is doing very well with all of this driving. And there is the CBC (homologous to NPR) to keep me company. Chicken is still in disbelief that I am here day after day, and most importantly for her, night after night (she likes to basically sleep on me. She tries to sleep on Mr. A when I'm not here, but he won't tolerate that. Me, I'm a big softy). 
The update on fertility treatments/adoption/our marriage deserves a longer post, one that I don't have in me at the moment. Suffice it to say that I was relieved to hear that Mr. A is still completely on board with project: bringing children into our lives.  I have lots of half written posts floating around in my head. I think it's worth my while trying to give them form and post them. But that will have to wait since I have to work on my application to start the process of getting my professional license.


  1. So happy to see those tropical toes! I have missed them. Delighted that vacation was a treat, that you're back at home, and that work isn't slamming you yet. And that Chicken has regained her bedfellow! And boooo, commuting! I know that song. Wish I could forget the lyrics...Sending love.

  2. sounds wonderful!! I wish you a smooth transition with your new job and your path to license- I am curious now about the kind of therapy you practice. Also here to hold your hand as you make your way through this next part of your family building journey

  3. I am glad to see you back and very much look forward to future postings, half-written or no. Cuba sounds divine.

  4. Beautiful toes, an observation from another not particularly girly woman. I'm so glad you had a good holiday, glad you are at home and -
    most of all - glad to hear that Mr A is on board. How could he not be. The two of you are going to work childrearing magic.

    I hope the new job continues well. And that by next November there is a little owl in the nest.

  5. Dear, dear friend, wonderful news re: Mr. A and project child. I am so thrilled and relieved, and I know all that I feel, you feel a hundred fold (at least). And wow, licensure -- yet another adventure for our dear Augusta. I send you support and love and deep confidence that the clouds are lifting and weather in Augusta-ville is getting sunnier. XOXOXO, Oat

  6. Getting away must have been so wonderful. Your toes sure do look happy :) I always appreciate the new perspective when I get out of my regular routine at home.

    I've been carrying a card for you around in my purse for about a month now. It will come to you at some point, I promise, but wanted you to know that you've been on my mind a lot these days.

    Starting a new job is no simple thing! It sounds like you've got some good people to wok with, but keep in mind that its still a lot to tackle, especially over the holidays.

    xoxo - your friend - foxy

  7. Your Cuban vacation sounded idyllic...I loved Cuba too. Good luck on the new job! I am so relieved to read that you and Mr. A are on the same page about bringing children into your lives. Take care.

  8. Ooh, Cuba sounds lovely. I forgot you are actually allowed to fly there from Canada. Ha. Your job transition sounds more peaceful...Wishing you luck in these next decisions as you work towards your family.

  9. Your toes look rested and peaceful and ready for wonderful things. I so hope they are not disappointed. And I'm glad that so far work is not swamping you. I know nothing at all about the licensing process. I hope it's more a matter of paperwork and less like another dissertation. Whatever the case, good luck with it.

  10. Lovely toes. Just lovely. I'm glad you had a restful time. I'm looking forward to hearing more about how things are for you now that you're back at home.

  11. I wrote a comment, but I guess it never posted...

    Love love love the toes, but more importantly the positive change in you. Im so happy to hear that things are starting to get better and easier. It will continue.

    Thank you for always supporting me - especially lately when Im sure it cNt always be easy. Im always here for you. Y friend.

  12. I'm glad you had a relaxing time in Cuba. And so happy to hear that Mr A is still hoping to be a papa. Best of luck with the new job.

  13. Glad you guys had a relaxing trip and hope things continue smoothly with the new job. Thinking of you & Mr A as you decide how to move forward in your journey to children ((hugs))

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