Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cake-eating Aries

I've always enjoyed reading real life astrology 
by Rob Brezsny. This week, Brezsny tells me this:

"ARIES (March 21-April 19): I dreamed you were 
in a cake store. Every delicious kind of cake you 
could imagine was there: carrot cake, 
strawberry cheesecake, gooey butter cake, rich 
chocolate cake with four layers of cherries 
and whipped cream,birthday cakes that must have
been baked in paradise. Sadly, there was a problem: 
You weren't allowed to buy anything, even though 
you had enough money. A big sign on the wall said, 
simply, "Absolutely no cakes available for Aries." 
What do you think my dream means? More importantly, 
what are you going to do about the 
situation? I suggest that in my next dream, you 
get a friend to buy a cake for you. Either that, 
or go to a different cake store. One way or another, 
the astrological omens say it's high time for you get 
the cake you want."
(Rob Brezsny's Astrology Newsletter) 
I found it apt, somehow.

No cake for me. Now what?

The endometrial biopsy will happen at the beginning of September. We will at least know if we can try again for a pregnancy, whether with donor eggs or donor embryos.

We've started the adoption process. 

I can't keep standing in that store being told I can't have any cake.


  1. Great post! Glad you are having a feel positive sort of day. Hope your cake comes soon.

  2. Ooooh I'm an Aries too and love cake but am on a diet :(
    Good for you, bring on the cake, Aries never give up!

  3. Wishing you lots and lots of cake, and sending immense love and many hugs. -A

  4. Glad you are moving forward. Not sure if I mentioned this or not, after my first m/c I went to the RE and demanded to be tested for the recurrent pg loss panel (not covered by OHIP), apparently it's not usually done until you have suffered 3 or more losses, it may be something else to look into in addition to the biopsy. Thinking of you often.

  5. Happy to hear that you guys are taking steps forward with more testing and starting the adoption process. I am sure this was an extremely difficult decision to make.

  6. I hope you keep trying to get that cake. Because when you do, it will be so delicious. I hope that crazy cake bakery will soon realize that you will be their best customer if it will just break down and give you some.

    That guy makes reading astrology fun.

  7. I thought of you immediately when I saw this week's horoscope. So very, very apropos. I am glad Mr. Brezny is still connecting with you, and vice versa.

    I know you will get the cake you want, and am glad to hear you're moving forward with different cake-acquiring options and (it sounds) remaining committed to the belief that "no cake" is not an option. I know I believe that.

    Much, much love, H.

  8. SO appropriate! I hate that one cake shop that let you lovingly select your slice, and get all drooly at the thought of eating it, and pack it up and carry it to the door, only to dash it out of your hands. But I love that you're working on multiple cake options in parallel. There will be cake!

  9. This post made me smile! I am so glad Augusta that you are not letting go of your dream. Here with you every step of the way!

  10. This is wonderful. Of course you'll get your cake!

  11. Congratulations on starting the adoption process. I would love to hear about how the decision came about. Half of me thinks it must have been very difficult, but at the same time if you told me it came easily I would not be surprised. Lots of things change in the pursuit of family, dont they?

    I am pulling for good news with your body. It would be great to be able to consider another round with it if this was your choice.

  12. I'm so happy to hear that you're starting the adoption process :)

    I'm also looking forward to some good news in Sept. Having lots of options is always great.

    I'm pulling for you, Augusta :)

  13. There is a cake for you...

    I'm thinking of you and hoping you're doing OK. With the full knowledge that we all have to keep redefining "OK."

  14. You deserve cake. More than cake (and this is perhaps where the analogy falls apart) cake deserves YOU.

    I'm glad to hear that you've started the wheels in motion. More irons in fires = more choice. Higher probability. More cake.

    (And I want that cake for you soon.).