Monday, April 4, 2011


Pardon my silence since Saturday, but admittedly, I've been entirely speechless since seeing those little pee sticks. When people ask me how I feel, I just start crying. Better than having to find the right words to use. How the hell am I feeling, anyway? Does ecstatic even begin to describe it?

So the beta result is in.

18dp3dt = 1210

I somehow was expecting a number in the 300-400 range, but I must have misunderstood during my consult with Dr. Google. Anyway, all I know is that's a VERY handsome number we've got here. Our beloved nurse called it strong. She said that I was pregnant. I can still hear it sounding in my ears. It might take me a little while to say it out loud, but bear with me. We are not doing a second beta, as they didn't feel we needed one. Our ultrasound is booked for April 26.

I called Sattva right after we read the pee sticks and we cried together. Couldn't say much more but how amazing it all is.

I loved all your comments on my last post. I've read them again and again (because I also have to check the picture (and the actual pee sticks) to make sure it's for reals). Thank you, women. I think that the support I've received from all of you has made an incredible contribution to our success. Like I said to Mr. A at supper, I always took these lovely women with me to each appointment. I felt held in their care.

I need to rest. My regularly scheduled commenting will resume tomorrow.


  1. That's a GREAT first beta, my friend! :)

  2. I don't know much about betas but that sure sounds good to me. You are PREGNANT. How amazing for you and Mr. August. My heart is just bursting with joy for you!!!

  3. Oh my gosh Augusta, I have tears in my eyes for you. This is beyond fabulous. You are most defintely pregnant, what a doozie of a beta!!!
    Much much MUCh love to you.

  4. Awe, so incredibly happy for you! That is one fantastic beta number!! Soak in the joy of this incredible moment my friend. Hoping it only gets better from here on out!
    Also thank you so much for your comment the other day. You have an amazing way of saying just the right thing to pick me up when I need it & it means more than I could ever properly put into words.

  5. That IS a marvelous beta # Augusta! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy every minute of it!! :D

  6. That's one crazy ass many did you transfer again???

  7. Phew!! That's one strong beta!! So happy for you and Mr.A! You soo deserve this. Wishes for 36 easy carefree weeks ahead...

  8. Such a fantastic number!!! That/those little owlet(s) is/are snuggling right in there for the long haul. Augie, this is so terrific!!! Lovelovelove to you, Mr. A, Chicken, and the Owlet(s). xoxoxoxo

  9. Whoo hoo!!!! So excited for you! So much good news on the blogs this spring!

  10. I love that beta.
    I love your pee sticks.
    I love your comments.
    I love Sattva.
    and oh my girl, I love you and your little owlet.

    I am so excited that we get to continue on this journey together. Congratulations again!

  11. LOVE that beta. It's gorgelious! Shall commence educating myself about betas promptly so I can revel in exactly how great it is. <3 <3 <3. April 26th will be such a lovely post-birthday adventure for you, Mr. A, and the owlet(s). Continuing to believe deeply in the marvels you will see on that ultrasound.

    BTW friends in blog-land, our beautiful Augusta's 37th birthday is April 19th. Mark the date and shower her with love (well, special birthday love, since she is showered with love so generously here every day)! Deep gratitude to all of you amazing women from an IRL friend, and hope for all the little ones on the way.

    XOXO, Oat

  12. Awesome beta, Augusta!!! I am so so so so excited for you ... this is just incredible news :) You've come SUCH a long way since I first started reading your blog and I am just so happy for you. Have I said that yet? That I'm happy for you?!

    Congratulations again!!!

  13. Well, Dr. Augusta is pregnant....this is very superb!


  14. SO happy for you! What a fabulous number and wonderful news!

  15. I was absolutely expecting this, but am still over the moon. (And confess to stalking this page like a crazy person to see that number.) I think the beta is so wonderfully gorgeously high because you had to wait so darn long? Mine was about the same at 19 days past insemination, which is not quite equivalent, but perhaps comparable? I LOVE that you don't have to endure the usual hell of multiple betas. I HATE that April 26 is a billion years away. I hope you will remain joyful and ecstatic throughout!

  16. oh my, I had no idea that betas got that high. I would say, that is a strong number indeed.
    Can't stop grinning or tearing up when I think of your fabulous news.

  17. Strong is RIGHT. It's a beautiful number. Like Bunny, I just had a good feeling about it all but am over the moon with this news. It feels so...right:)

    Take good care of yourself. April 26 is in the distance...but that distance is drawing every nearer.

  18. Oh I am sooo sorry that I didn't see this sooner!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! You so deserve this and I am just thrilled for you and your husband!!!