Saturday, April 9, 2011

beta, revised.

I was napping after coming home from work yesterday (T1 fatigue has arrived), and suddenly something occurred to me. I made an error in thinking about the beta number. Erring is human. Erring when your brain is like cream of mushroom soup because you're sleep deprived, just defended your PhD thesis and just found out you're the p-word is entirely par for the course. So, the beta was obtained 18 days past egg retrieval, NOT 18 days past the 3-day transfer. It was done on day 18 and I just inserted that number without thinking about what I was writing. So to rectify:

18dp3dt = 1210

15dp3dt = 1210

Well, who cares about those details, right? It's just a number and it means that the procedure was successful. WOOHOO! Yes, except that when I start Dr. Googling the hell out of the numbers, I am presented with an indication that both embies might be nestling in there. That doesn't mean much at this stage, but it's good to get your mind wrapped around the idea of twins early in the game.

I saw Dr. Ninja this morning. I <3 Dr. Ninja. He was completely thrilled about the news, and so was his staff, who asked me as soon as I walked in. He measured my pulse and said that it as strong. No acupuncture and no herbal teas for now. He just wants to keep my body calm, stable and not stimulated with those things. He helped me resolve a quandary I had plunged head first into this week.

One of my best coping mechanism is exercising. It truly does the job and I can always count on it. When I work and have the kind of stress I have with my current job, I typically go to the gym every day, except on weekends, when I exercise in other ways instead (walking, skiing, hiking, biking). It's a big part of my life. There was a time when I exercised too much, but I've reached a balance with that. When I talked to our beloved nurse last Monday, she said that I could pursue my regular activities, including the gym. Ok, I thought, I 'll try heading back to the gym this week then (I had barred myself from going during the 2 week wilderness). I decided to go on Wednesday night. The gym was packed (I usually go at 6:45am when it's nice and empty), and I couldn't make up my mind as to what I thought would be safe. I opted for an elliptical and started slowly, very, very slowly, avoiding bouncing as much as possible. I did that for 10 min. and cycled for another 20, without ever breaking a sweat. I still managed to freak myself out completely. I had some very mild cramping upon returning from the gym, and I was back to being a quaking owl.  

I talked about it with Dr. Ninja this morning. On one hand, I know that exercise continues to be very beneficial in pregnancy. On the other, it makes me fear that the owlet(s) will grow uncomfortable and leave. I couldn't resolve it, but then Dr. Ninja provided his professional opinion: walking is fine, stay away from any higher impact stuff for now. I trust him, so I will keep with that. A nice morning walk, some yoga, and maybe swimming if I feel like it.

What are your thoughts  about exercising in T1?


  1. I think its totally fine as long as you listen to your body...both the physical "voice" and the mental "voice"....we IFers have a very strong mental "voice". So if all are satisified then I say do it. I loved to exercise regularly as well prior to pg and tried my best to keep up but various complications arose that made me exercise infrequently. Every pregnancy is different but overall I believe in its benefits.

  2. My doctors have all told me absolutely no exercise with the exception of walking or swimming. Everyone is different though and I'm "high risk" so that changes things a bit. I have friend who ran marathons during their pregnancies so it completely varies from person to person.

  3. Honestly, having little to nothing to add to the conversation, my primary thought is: eeeeeeek!!! You're in T1!!!!! You may well be double-owling!!!! Oh my goodness, how exciiiiiiting!!!!!

    How's that for helpful? ;) Love you, woman.

  4. My doctor told me low impact exercise is okay as long as your heart beat stays below 140 bpm. I've done IVF and I'm pregnant with a singleton through DE - today I'm 24.1 week. My doctor encouraged me to exercise every day for 30 - 45 minutes. I now walk or use elliptical machine daily for that period but take it easy. (Phish from IVFC)

  5. That beta number just gets better!!! I think there are a couple of owls building their nest in there Augusta.

    As for excersizing...being that I am overly paranoid in general I personally wouldnt do any vigorous excersize at all. I know some people do and they have healthy pregnancies and they would be the ones that make me feel like i've overreacting. But then I would also be willing to bet that they probably concieved their children via sex, not laboratory, so it puts us in a different category. Walking, gentle yoga (no hot yoga though!)and gentle swiming sound very wise. Afterall, you know your body is used to excersize and I guess it's unfair to withdraw from it completely. And I get the need to protect your fears, no matter how irrational they may seem to other people.


  6. Not to scare you but...

    At 14dp3dt my beta was 738. I was told this was normal for a singleton. I ended up with triplets (identical boys, fraternal girl).

    In turn, I wouldn't exercise too much until you find out how many babies you have in there.

    I'm assuming you have an ultrasound planned for around 7 weeks (or before)?

    All the best with your pregnancy.

  7. Your correction makes your number rock all the harder!

    I wasn't allowed to start anything I wasn't doing prior to PG. Walking was my main thing for Toddlerina.

    When can we start twin speculation???

  8. I am starting to go a little stir crazy. My RE instructed NO exercise until after the first trimester. Nothing, no swimming, no walking, no pre-natal yoga, no nothing. I tried to rationalize that a little bit of activity would be fine, but then, like the coffee reflex, I just can't bring myself to do it.

    I feel like my nerves need an outlet!!! I might try negotiating with my RE after the ultrasound in 8 days. I need do be able to do something/anything!

    Your beta is rawking! I love it :) Congrats again Augusta!

  9. Okay, here's the plan for your exercise. You and I will swap bodies for the hour or so a day that you need to get moving. My body and your brain can go get a workout while your body and my brain relax with a good book. I'll get the exercise I need -- that my brain is NOT very good at pointing me towards -- and your body will get the rest the docs and ninjas say it needs. Sound like a plan? Just lemme know and I'll work on developing the technology ...

    Love, H.

  10. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I came over from LFCA to wish you well. I think your readers have very sound advice. I barely exercised when pregnant with our donor egg miracle Isobel but I had bleeding and fibroids and was so paranoid that she would "fall out"!!!! I ended up being pretty swollen at the end. Do what your gut tells you is okay. The swimming and walking and gentle yoga sound good. Good luck!

  11. I didn't exercise at all for fear I was going to do something detremental. My dr. told me to take it easy in T1 so I did. We went for walks after dinner but that was about all for me. I think everyone is different though and you worked out much more than I before pregnancy so your body is used to the exercise. Perhaps that makes a difference as well?

  12. I think that exercising during pregnancy is great if it works for you. I know that I am usually super active in going to the gym but with twins was told very early on absolutely no impact - so for me it is walking, elliptical, stair master and body pump along with yoga and aquafit. You have to find out what works for you and I would always say be cautious - especially given what you went to get to this point. My body wants to just run and run but in the grand scheme of things not running to be safer is better at this point.

  13. Exercise is perfectly safe and great and fabulous...and I would never have done anything other than walking during T1. In fact, I recall walking (to and from work) very gingerly. Like...I avoided running across a street, and stepped down from curbs as though I were made of glass. In my case, I just didn't want to have anything at all to feel remorseful about if the pregnancy didn't work, and no amount of knowing that exercise (that is, the moderate kind cleared by REs/OBs) won't kill your baby would have prevented me from feeling bad.

    Of course, I hate exercise and didn't return to working out in the second T either. A compromise if you're still feeling unsure might be to wait until you've seen a heartbeat a couple of times...