Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Suppression check

Sattva got up at 5am this morning so she could drive for 90 minutes in the dark and get her blood drawn at 7am in Fertility Treatment Town. I then met her at 7:52am in the parking garage of large hospital of the fertility clinic. Just randomly, we got there at the same time and parked near each other. What a wonderful sight to see her waving and smiling at me from her rental car.

Everything looked good at the ultrasound. She got out of there and said "I'm suppressed!" She later said they had counted 5 follies on one side and 9 on the other. I'm not sure what that will translate to in terms of eggs, but I took 14 as a nice, round, egg-shaped number.

We got her the, a little more supre.fact at the hospital pharmacy. She gulped when the pharmacist told us the total. I didn't bat an eyelid. We won't care about that money in 5 years, either way.

I think she will start her injections tomorrow evening and I wish I could be with her. I won't be back to Pleasantville until Friday, and so she will be on her own for her first injection on Thursday night. Somehow I'm having a hard time with it. I found my first injection really anxiety-provoking and had my beloved friend who is a nurse practitioner coach me through it. I remember even by my third injection, I was still shaky and needed to move very slowly through the process not to fuck it up.

Mr. August and I have a wedding anniversary on Sunday. Our first wedding anniversary. I think that we will all be getting up at 5 am and going on a road trip to celebrate. We will bring Sattva along and get her poked with a needle for the occasion. It seems fitting somehow that this is what we'll be doing on our anniversary.

Must. go. to. bed.

But before I go, just have to say how ecstatic I am about Adele's news. She heard a heartbeat for the second time today and graduated to an OB.


  1. Such exciting news! I am totally rooting you on, but was thinking you were one of those I hadn't yet reached to tell you about my new blog address:


  2. Oh My Goodness. This is it!!! This is IT!
    14 is a beautiful number. Its always been my favorite number, actually.

    Happy Anniversary too. I hope that you have a wonderful road trip :)

  3. Such exciting news for you! It is so great that she is so on board and so positive!

  4. Everyone knows the first year anniversary gift is an early morning injection for your egg donor! I have a lot of superstitious hope for anniversary-including cycles...

    I imagine it might be hard knowing someone is injecting herself on your behalf. I hope she's one of the lucky ones who's not phased by it. Could happen! If not, I'm sure she knows you're there in spirit.

  5. Yes! And fourteen is a downright lovely number. It's perfect, Augusta, and augurs good things. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. August - it sounds like it will be a good day.

    And, about the injections - I know. That first time is tough. But the fact that she knows you are there, worried about her, hoping it isn't an overly anxious experience, a phone call away...something tells me it means a lot.

    (Thank you, my friend. Hugs upon hugs to you.)

  6. Our Sattva will be strong through the injections. I think knowing it is for someone like you could help lessen the worry over it. Somehow adding another party makes it purposeful, less scary- for me anyhow.

    Comgrats on suppression and wow to 14. What a great start!

    I got to run, book it to Adele's. Wow! Heartbeat!

  7. The friendship that you & Sattva share brings me to tears, she is one amazing friend and what she's doing for you is so incredible. Happy Anniversary my friend, hope you have a wonderful time.
    I too am beyond thrilled for Adele! Can't wait to celebrate with you soon too ((hugs))

  8. I love the picture of you and Sattva reaching the carpark at the same time and her waving to you with a big smile on her face.
    And I can understand why you'd want to be there for Sattva's first injection but she will know that if you could be there you would. Maybe you can coach her via over the phone. I'm sure either way Sattva will know you are thinking of her. You have a beautiful friendship.
    So excited to watch this exceptional road to motherhood unfold in front of you. Its your time my friend.

  9. The anticipation of this cycle is KILLING me?!! Good luck!

  10. I have been thinking of all of you for days, knowing S had her appt this week. And I am holding you and Mr. A especially close to my heart as you mark the one-year anniversary of your beautiful wedding. I think your anniversary plans are lovely -- because even if there is a needle along the way, road trips with you are ALWAYS a blast! I'll be sending you smooth sailing and rockin' music for the road. And the deep confidence that March is one of the best months to begin new ventures ;-) XOXOXO, H aka Oat

  11. You are one step closer my dear! You are in my thoughts. :)

  12. have a lovely anniversary. i will be thinking of you and sattva. that is an awesome number of follies! yippee. something to celebrate for sure.

  13. I just wanted to chime in that I'm here holding my toes and fingers crossed and pulling out the voodoo doll for you. Whatever it takes, sister. I'm in.

    Good thoughts, great thoughts, all of my thoughts are headed your direction and wishing such a cloud of warmth upon you and Sattva that light will shine upon you all. Brilliant and glorious. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  14. Very exciting! What a great way to celebrate your anniversary too!