Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Forward

Picture this commonplace scene from our past. March 6th to 9th, 2008. Sattva, C. and I are in Chicago for the Society for Research on Adolescence conference. We had decided to take the earliest flight back home on the Sunday morning, given that we all had lives to get back to. What we didn't account for when buying our plane tickets was the time change. Clocks are changed in the night of Saturday to Sunday, and when we get the wake-up call, all three of us are confused about what time it is and whether we've missed our flight. In addition, we are still on EST, and Chicago is on CDT. Sattva is about 7-8 weeks pregnant with Ginger, and by the time our cab pulls into O'Hare, she is green with nausea. It's so damn early; it's dark like 3am. We make it with time to spare and I run around the airport, desperate to find something to put in Sattva's belly to make the nausea go away. I have a picture engraved in my mind of her sitting on an airport waiting area bench, looking pale, yet relieved that I was bearing coffee and baked good. 

Picture this more unusual scene from this morning. March 13, 2011. Sattva and I are both expected in FTT for an u/s, and Sattva also needs to get blood work. I get up at 5:15, but because of the change to daylight savings time,  it really feels like 4:15. I get to her house at 5:45. We drive in the night. It's so damn early; it's dark like 3am. In the car, Sattva tells me that her ovaries feel very big. We get to the blood work lab. Her name is not on their list. Weird. She goes in and I almost fall asleep on my chair. We drive to the hospital and find parking on the second floor of the parking garage. It must be Sunday. We wait in the waiting room until the nurse comes to get Sattva (no receptionists on Sunday. Too bad, I was wearing my name tag), and soon after comes to get me. Sitting outside the u/s room, I can hear that it's Dr. RE who is on call. This brings me infinite reassurance. I trust him so much at this point. When one of the two change rooms becomes available, I go in and know that Sattva is the one getting the u/s on the other side of the door. Despite the music playing in the change room trying to cover the conversations going on in the u/s room, I hear Dr. RE call out the size of the follies. It all sounds good to me, in the 1.6 to 2.0 range. I think I count 9, but I'm not sure. My turn comes, and the resident is the one doing the u/s. She tries to visualize my uterine lining, but is not quite getting it. Dr. RE moves her over gently, and locates what he wants to see. It's still good. 7.5 he said. I'm wondering how it went from 9 to 7.5, but if he says 7.5 is good, that's all I need. They tell me that Sattva will trigger tonight and that retrieval will be on Tuesday.   

Following the u/s, the nurse took us into her office to teach the HCG trigger shot to Sattva. She also helped Sattva by extracting the last bits of meds from her 2 used go.nal-f pens so that she could get her final dose tonight. Sattva inquires about follies and the nurse tells her there are 8. We leave and make our way to the elevator. Sattva looks concerned. She feels that 8 is not enough. Meanwhile, I'm overjoyed to get that many, and all within a very close range in size. When your ovaries do not produce eggs, any amount is a miracle. 8 has always been my favourite number.

This gets more real everyday. Mr. August wanted to talk about midwives versus OB at brunch this morning. I humoured him, knowing that if things go south, I will look back on this conversation with great sadness. But at this point, my heart is completely in it. It's like when you are 17 and you lust after a boy very much,  and you can see yourself falling and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. I already knew my heart had to be in it. I already knew that if things didn't work out, it would hurt. I am doing this consciously. I want you to remind me to read this post if or when things go south and I start loathing myself for going through with the DE IVF. I made the choice with full knowledge of potential consequences.

But let's stay north for a while longer here (instead of talking about things going south). I decided to go to work tomorrow, and take the rest of the week off. Sattva and Mr. A will drive to FTT together on Tuesday morning and I'll meet them at the hospital. I'll drive Sattva home and then focus the rest of the week on preparing the presentation for my defense. Do you think I've been able to concentrate on that at all? Not so much. I've booked an acupuncture treatment for Thursday afternoon and we will go in for the embryo transfer on Friday morning (if all goes well and embryos get made). This is getting more real everyday.

Thank you for cheering me on. I feel very blessed to have you with me.


  1. Blessings on every step of the journey this week. OMG Friday is possible embryo transfer! Go, go, embryos! And I love the metaphor to falling in love. 'Tis much the same, it sounds. Here's to hope and here's to love. You have all of mine in abundance.

    XOXO, H.

  2. Hooray! And bear in mind, I ended up with way more eggs--even more mature ones--than the number of follies the doc counted. So 8 sounds excellent, not to mention--as you know--being a number we're snuggling up with right now.

    So your transfer looks as though--if all goes well for Sattva and you and me--it will be the day after ours?! How cool!! And your retrieval the same day as Roccie's FET. Awe. Some.

    Oh, and my lining went from 9.3 to 8 on two consecutive days, so if the decrease isn't common (which it may well be), know at least that you're not alone.

    Love you, woman. We're on our way!!! xoxo

  3. So exciting, eight is definitely a good number! Continuing to send so much hope your way. What a difference a couple of years makes huh? Who knew you & Sattva would be here, about to embark on this major life event.
    I know what you mean about your heart giving way to hope and feeling that you're falling, I have felt that way so much lately. I start to think maybe this pregnancy will be different and we'll get a healthy baby in the end and then I worry what if it's not and we're grieving another loss. The roller coaster of hope and emotions is extremely intense at times.
    Hoping this is a fantastic week for you, with lots to celebrate and look forward to ((hugs))

  4. I can't stand the anticipation any longer!! Have a great week!!

  5. oh wow oh wow, it seems like time has passed so quickly and here we are. Trigger tonight!!! OMG OMG Retrieval on Tuesday, holy moly! I am so so so excited for you and Mr August.

    I am also super impressed that you will work tomorrow! I know about limited vacation time and all, but I can't imagine how you will be able to stay focused.

    Is it silly to say that I am starting to feel like a little kid in the days before christmas? :) (I even bought three little outfits this afternoon - little onesies that say 'I love daddy'...)

  6. I am so excited for you! Cheering you on from Chicago! :)

  7. Good luck, thinking of you this week!

  8. Spring Forward is right! You are on your way. I am holding my breath over here! (Not that that will help.)

  9. Eight is a beautiful egg shaped number. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. What a tremendous week. I hope the divided attention makes it easier not to obsess over your defense presentation. I know there are hurdles left, but I just have to say I love the idea that your baby may be on board while Mama is defending!

  10. You are in my thoughts. You and Adele. Hope hope hope....

  11. Stay here, in the north. You have every reason to do it, Augusta. Eight is a beautiful number. There is such tremendous possibility in eight. And it is so very real. This will happen. I am thinking such good egg-springing and egg-fertilizing thoughts. And as far as the defense, there is a time for every season. And while I know that you don't have the luxury of putting it off and off, I also think that inhabiting these moments right here is a very good idea. I'm so hopeful for you that I got goosebumps reading this post.

  12. Busy week! Sending you loads of good vibes for your 8!

  13. Your Sattva is too chock full of love for words, huh? She is so committed to this working, she is trying to claim responsibility. Good thing she is great hads with your heart and talent to prevent her from going to that place.

    Eight is lovely indeed. I had three and they were my crusty eggs and Toddlerina burst forth from this. Sit tight, so eager to catch up on your news.