Friday, March 18, 2011


Ok, so what is this about pineapple I need to know. Please enlighten me, women! I am in the dark. I have never been anywhere remotely in the neighborhood of pregnant. And now I'm PUPO!!!!!!! So, if I need to be eating bucket-loads of pineapple or do some tango or any sort of crazy shit like that, please let me know.  I depend on you.

Today, I wore my lucky owl underwear. I brought little Hoot that Pumpkin gave to me, just so the kids would know there would be toys in their future. I started the day with yoga. I took some deep breaths. My friend SJ was able to come with me. I kissed Mr. A goodbye and told him we'd be back soon. I did all that I could today to make this successful. Now it is not in my hands anymore. This is a kind of lottery or God's will or whatever tickles your fancy. I just know I don't get to decide. I just get to go along for the ride.

The transfer happened as planned this morning. It was scheduled for 10:45, but didn't happen until an hour later. I needed to go with a full bladder, and having planned that for 10:45, it became almost unbearable by 11:26. I almost started to cry in order to evacuate some fluid from my body. The nurse who told Sattva and I we were cute on Tuesday just told me to go. I promptly drank a bottle of water afterward, but my timing still stank. They called me right away.

The nurse's name was the same as Sattva's name. I told her so and we both felt that was lucky. The lab biologist (I didn't ask for her title and I don't feel like calling her a lab technician. She was infinitely more than that to me.) came in and told me my skirt (hospital sheet) was very becoming, especially with my striped socks. I liked her right away. She said there were 2 beautiful embies awaiting. One embryo had reached the 7-cell stage and, in the doctor's words, was as good as we could hope for. The other one was still at 4-cells but still growing. She put them up on a screen so I could look at them while having the procedure, and she also made me a take-home picture (will scan and post soon). She said the other 2 didn't make it. And it that moment, it didn't feel like it mattered. We were all lined up for a great transfer in the here and now.

The doctor was not my usual RE, but I liked him too. He couldn't visualize my uterus from the abdominal ultrasound (my bad), but he wasn't bent out of shape about it. He did a transvaginal u/s instead and took measurements. He got everything ready, and then the lovely biologist poked her head through the little window between the procedure room and the lab. "The babysitter is getting antsy" is what the doc said. The procedure was fairly quick. We talked about my dose of estr.ace and prom.etrium, and they sent me on my way, with earnest hope-filled wishes.

I cried only once I got in the car with my friend SJ. I looked at the picture and just couldn't fucking believe it. Pardon the French, but that was necessary under those circumstances.

They're in! Welcome home embryos.

After the procedure, the doc said "and now it will be the longest 2 weeks of your life", to which I responded that my Ph.D. defense should keep me distracted. He smiled.

Mr. A did make it in to see the doctor again this afternoon. They are querying pneumonia but he was unable to get an x-ray, given that it was Friday afternoon and we live in a fairly small college town. He seemed a little better this afternoon. He kissed my belly and seemed excited about the homecoming. 


  1. Auggie-boo!!! Our babies are home!!! I am so honored and delighted that little Hoot was able to clear his schedule to be there with you, as is he (he sent another owl to tell me, Harry Potter-style). As I don't know of you've heard, but transferring different-size embies is all the rage this season. We're trendsetters, I tell you! I have so much hope and love for you and us and our embabies. GO TEAM!!!

    Oh, and the pineappe thing is an enzyme, concentrated in the core, that is supposed to aid in implantation. Tangos, like mangoes, are optional, but certainly make it all more fun. So hope Mr. A is feeling better soon; hooray for SJ!!

  2. Okay, again, this time with even more spirit: !!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Welcome home, little embies! You're gonna love it in Augusta-land, little ones, I promise. And hang out for 9 months and you'll get to meet Mr. A, too -- trust me, you wanna spend time with both those fine, fine folks. You are luckiest embies in the entire universe.

    Love you, love the embies, so happy for you TODAY!!!! Running off to meet the sisters in law but my heart is with you. XOXOXOX, Oat

  3. Oh wow oh wow oh wow! SWEET BABY JESUS LET THIS WORK!

    The pineapple is supposed to help with implantation, which I'm sure is just myth, but hey, it's also a symbol of welcome! WELCOME!

  4. Gahhhh!! So freaking happy and nervous for you at the same time! PLEASE let this work!! Oh and the pineapple...who knows...but eat copious amounts in the next 48 - 72 hours! I did and well...the rest is history. Gosh sending you my luck!!

  5. Welcome home little embies! So cute that your hubby kissed your stomach.

    I had the same bladder experience you had. You can only tolerate a full bladder for so long. Glad the doctor didn't give you trouble for not having it full again.

    I was told to eat pineapple too, and I did, but i couldn't remember why. So i am glad your other commenters reminded me. At the very least, any excuse to eat pineapple is a good one.

    Can't wait to see the scan of your little ones.

  6. Thinking nothing but positive thoughts for you, my dear! I've had the same bladder issue. Once they told me to go "a little" that was hard! :) Take good care of yourself and hoping this rollercoaster has a wonderful finale in 2 weeks!

  7. Welcome home little ones. Please think of your momma often to keep her mind at ease. She seems to think something like a phd will distract her, bless her little heart. A circus in your front yard might work, but then when you see the high wire act you will be reminded of you own life. ;)

    Nothing we can do. I never ate pineapple with Toddlerina and I ate my weight in it for my fresh donor cycle. Do what feels fun.

    Please send our congratulations to Sattva as well. I hope she can drink a nice red for all of us.

    Best, best wishes Augusta.

  8. Congrats on being PUPO! Yes, I ate pineapple too - you have to eat the core as well, which isn't great, but if you get a bit of it along with the fruit, it's fine.
    I'll be keeping everything crossed for you!

  9. So excited for you that you are finally PUPO!!! Try and relax over the 2ww, it is a killer and a total mind f*ck. I have everything crossed for you too.

  10. Hooray!! We are so, so happy for you! Welcome home little ones, settle in nicely and enjoy the ride. Love and prayers and happy thoughts. Sounds like these next two weeks are going to be quite something. All the best my dear friend.

  11. Joy, joy, joy! Absolutely thrilled for you and thrilled to read this update. Sending immense love to you and those beautiful embryos! -A

  12. Any excuse to eat pineapple is a good one, and even if it's a myth, it won't hurt, right? Now I'm thinking about making some pineapple fried rice later...with cashews....yummm....

    I'm so, so excited for you. I'll just be over here, holding my breath for the next two weeks...don't mind me as i turn blue...

    Great big hugs via the intertubes to you and your family.

  13. SO happy for you, sounds like a perfect transfer day!!! Relax & rest Ms. PUPO!!!! I didn't do the pineapple, but my acupuncturist had told me that a warm uterus is helpful to implantation so after both of my transfers I drank hot water all day. I ended up with positives both times, so not sure if that had anything to do with it, but it definitely can't help. I also was on bed rest for the first 24-48hrs after transfer.
    Sending lots of love & loads of positive thoughts your way my dear friend ((hugs))

  14. Bebes on board!!! Augusta, you are carrying life, and I want that life to dig in and stay for a good, long, wonderful while.

    The pineapple...who knows? They say it aids in implantation but they also say not to eat TOO much of it. A friend told me to buy one fresh pineapple, cut it up, (don't remove the woody core...apparently that's the good bit) and eat it over the five days after transfer. Not sure if there's a basis for it or if it's an old wives' tale. But I figured - I like pineapple, so why not?:)

    Sending love. And hopeful thoughts. (And I hope Mr. A recovers soon).