Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embryos awaiting

I drove to acupuncture with thoughts racing. Faster than my little Neko could in afternoon traffic. I thought about how the nursing staff goes home at 4pm, just about the time I would get out of acupuncture. I elaborated a plan to call Mr. A once I got to Dr. Ninja's and if the clinic hadn't call, I would call them myself with a well placed "what's up?". No need. They'd called Mr. August, who was in bed coughing up a lung. He didn't ask about grades the lab gave the embryos, so I have nothing of the sort to report. Here is what I was told by my semi-conscious husband:

3 embryos at the 4-cell stage, where they should be on Day 2
1 embryo lagging behind but still in the race. Could look different tomorrow.

So if things continue to go well, there will be 2 for tomorrow, 1 or potentially 2 to freeze. It might be less than that once we get to tomorrow, but I'm feeling positive.

I left Dr. Ninja's with a bottle of prenatal vitamins.

Holy cow!

I just talked to Sattva and she is doing very well. She said she was up yesterday teaching her afternoon class and seeing clients today. And she liked her flowers. I was so glad to hear this great report from our beloved Sattva. What a woman!

As for the drive tomorrow, well, it is up in the air. I have had an offer from Roccie, but Chicago is a long way from Pleasantville. And I want her to focus on calm thoughts given that she is herself cradling precious cargo within. You women are AWESOME! I was completely blushing when I read all your comments and felt SO LOVED! Thank you. I think that perhaps my dear friend SJ could drive me. And if not, I can ask a few other friends. And if I have to drive myself, well, at least the wee ones will start out by knowing their mama is a strong one.


  1. So sorry I haven't commented, so excited that your transfer is coming up and things with those embyros are looking really good. Good luck, I will keep you in my thoughts!

  2. So thrilled to hear the good report, sounds like the stars are definitely aligning for a positive transfer tomorrow! Wonderful to hear Sattva's doing so well too. Both of you are amazing, fabulous women indeed...what a lucky world we are to have a child created & raised by you guys grace us! Get ready to celebrate woman because I have an incredibly good feeling about this transfer. Hope Mr. A is on the mend very soon too!

  3. !!!!!!! That is all. Wait, no it's not. !!!!!! Wonderful, wonderful news. So sad I can't drive you :( You are a strong one, and the little embies will benefit from that starting on day one, but definitely remember to let others who love you care for you (read: drive you) if they are able. SO many warm, fuzzy, fleece-y thoughts to you, and SO many healing thoughts to Mr. A. Sending love, hope, and lots and lots of !!!!!
    XOXOXO, H aka Oat

  4. Not sure how I came to be here exactly, but I'm wishing you a successful transfer and sending lots of sticky baby dust.

  5. Yes! Augusta, this is wonderful, wonderful news. THREE at the 4-cell stage is excellent. And Number Four may yet catch up. So happy to hear this news. Pop those prenatals, girl:) You're taking precious cargo on board yourself.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. A! Poor guy. I've never taken the oral prometrium so can't advise you there, but I hope you get it sorted and that it is 100% stress free.

    (Stock up on the pineapple, too:)

  6. I just might be a broken record, but three is what I had w Toddlerina. It sound like wonderful news to keep you cozy. Turn your mind to the place you want to be - smell the baby, here the baby and feel that beautiful baby.

    Please continue to send our best to Sattva.

    Pineapple. Bor-ing!

  7. Great, great news!!! I am sure that so many good things are to follow. It won't be long now..... :D

  8. OH HURRAH! HURRAAAAAAH! I am so hopeful that you are full of embryos right now, but it sounds like even if you don't get the maximally great outcome, you will get to transfer at least one magic proto-baby. So, so hopeful!

    (Also, this is embarrassing, but I ate a pineapple after the IUI that is now Bun Bun. Clearly that's what did it, not my surgery.)

  9. I'm playing catch up .... and I'm cheering and screaming over here!! Thats a great report! Go Embies Go!!