Thursday, January 27, 2011

weekly update

As I continue to marathon through this new here-and-there life, it's nice to pause and write a blog entry once in a while. No, really, I could do better than once a week. But just wait until there are monitoring appointments and medications. I'll be a stellar blogger poster, then. (promises, promises).

I have just finished my lovely fungi/lichen infusion and thought I'd take a moment before bed to check-in with you and update on the latest.

The appointment with the lawyer last Friday went fine. He wasn't as much of a dick as I thought he would be. I have nothing against lawyers. It's just that Mr. August's phone interaction with him to set up the appointment was not promising at all. It reminded me that setting expectations low often leads to being pleasantly surprised. Mr. lawyer had no big revelation for us, but it was good to review some potential scenarios and talk about the Human Assisted Reproductive Act and discuss civil law. All that was missing was the Gre.y Pou.pon.

We drafted an informal contract with Sattva and established a protocol to reimburse her for her wages lost and to pay her expenses. It feels good to set that up and start paying her for something! We can't pay her for her eggs, but we are allowed to compensate her for expenses incurred as a result of this process. Sattva and I have had some good conversations and I feel like we are in a good spot. We've also decided to talk about it with folks around us we feel like telling. This weekend, I'm having lunch with good friends from grad school. They know about the egg donation, but I haven't told them who is the donor. Sattva is coming to this lunch as well, so it will be an interesting way to reveal it. I think I'll let her tell them what she'll be up to in the next few months and watch their faces as they piece it together. Donor & recipient, sharing fries with friends at the French bistro.

Life with the plastic plants is settling down (I'm still giggling at the fact that Pumpkin thought it was plastic pants). The other boarder is moving out and a new boarder is coming next week, but she will very rarely overlap with when I'm there. So it's basically just me and the owner, who is a very nice woman. I think I can stick this out, folks. I still find Sunday evenings and Mondays very tough, but I'm ok for the rest of the week usually.

And my job is just so cool. It really is. It's completely exhausting and overwhelming, but I sincerely love it. The complexity of it keeps me constantly on my toes. I just need to learn to pace myself. As it is, I just stay late every night to finish reports and that's really going to empty the gas tank fast. The cases are very interesting, and the people I work with as great. Some of the unit staff (front line workers with our patients) have been especially sweet. They keep wanting me to apply for a permanent psychologist position that just opened so that I can stay and keep working with them. How's that for a welcome. Many other people have been so supportive thus far. This week, the psychiatrist told me with all his sincerity that I was doing a "great job". That was so nice to hear. Psychiatrist-psychologist relationships are not always smooth, historically speaking. But I can't get over how much I like working with the one on my team. He is just so awesome.

So for all the drawbacks of living a life split between here and there, and being away from Mr. August and Chicken, it feels like I am indeed reaping the rewards of a very meaningful professional experience. If I want to be coherent tomorrow for my meaningful experience, I better head to bed.

Thank you for your great comments. I don't say enough how much they mean to me. I feel very supported in this community because of you.


  1. it will be so much better to have more people on your side to know the full story. I am also very glad that the lawyer visit went well.

    And, well, I can be a wee bit jealous of being able to love your work. it is such a great thing to enjoy what you do for most of your waking hours. I'm sure you'll find better balance shortly. Early days are exciting ones. If only I could get that tele-transporter for you so that you could pop home each night and complete a good picture.

  2. You sound like you are in such a good place right now! I am happy for you that professionally, things are going so well.

    I can't wait to hear how your lunch goes.

  3. Its so good to hear you in such a fulfilled place with your job! Just imagine how confident you'll feel given a few more months in this position! Hope the lunch goes well, can't wait to hear the details! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend my friend!

  4. So I just realized (I know, I'm a little thick) that we're in kind of similar job situations, you and I: too much travel to get to jobs we really like. I don't have to live away from home and N and our critters during the week, which is a big difference, but I feel as though I get where you're coming from. Doesn't it make all the difference when the people you work with seem to appreciate you and the work you do? That's why I can't really see looking for another job (although don't tell my Head of School, as I'm going to use that possibility to hopefully leverage earlier leaving hours...). I'm excited for your lunch and your revelation and, mmm, those fries. This is why I've put on weight...So glad the lawyer and contract situations are working themselves out. Bon week-end! Et gros bisous.

  5. I'm glad things are stabilizing, and that you are settling in. (I had a good laugh at the idea of plastic pants...and why not? I've heard of stranger things though am glad you're not dealing with that:)

    The meeting with the lawyer sounds relatively okay, though I imagine it's very difficult to hammer all that stuff out into legalese. I think it's good that you and Sattva will tell your close friends. You deserve that real life support, along with yummy fries.

    And I'm so glad the job is going well! I know the living apart is so hard, but it sounds like the job is a dream and I guess that, too, is a part of feathering your nest and creating a secure future for yourselves. And it's not forever. And future holds some very nice things.

  6. Everything is getting in place! Glad to hear you enjoy your job.

  7. I am so glad that the appt with the lawyer went well. It has to feel good to be moving things along. So happy to hear that the job is going well. Your post sounds so upbeat.. love that! :)

  8. You know I am kind of a moron. All the interesting considerations were all around an unknown donor. I guess I can only hold one thought at a time.

    I wish I could join you at that Bistro. It will be great to have more people on the inside.