Friday, December 24, 2010

My wishes are modest

I'm feeling terribly no-nonsense at the moment and this will be reflected in my Christmas wishes to you. I know that for some of you, this Christmas is really going to be awesome. And for some, it's going to be so-so or perhaps miserable.

The forecast on mine is so-so with a chance of crappy. Maybe the pinot noir in the car can help it a bit. 

But wherever you are and whatever state of mind you are, here is what I wish for you. May you have moments of being in the present moment and fully inhabiting your life exactly as it is right now. May you be able to taste the joy of being alive, whether that's done in sipping a good wine, receiving a warm hug, laughing with someone you love, or trapping snowflakes on your eyelashes.

My second wish is obvious: May the stork visit all of us who have been waiting on her for far too long. And may those of you who have a date with the stork already scheduled, may she bring you a healthy and content little one.

Merry Christmas, dear women. Joy and peace to you.


  1. Augers, I love you, pure and simple. Your words are perfect and beautiful. Sending you wishes for warmth and presentness (and, hey, presents while we're at it!) and luscious Pinot with Mr. August and Chicken. Did a package happen to arrive from a certain autumn fruit? It was supposed to have been mailed a week ago...Sending you the warm-fuzziest of hugs. Let us make a date with that big white bird, shall we?

  2. Merry Christmas to you. My wish is that by Christmas next year, we are both in a better place.

  3. Merry Christmas to you too Augusta!
    I love your wishes for us all, and send those same sentiments out into the ethos to find their way back to each one of us.

    much love - Foxy

  4. What wonderful wishes....thank you. I hope that the Pinot was delicious and helped to make your Christmas a bit brighter. I wish so much that this next year brings more happiness than either of us have experienced before. Lots of love my little owl ((hugs))

  5. Oh Augusta, you gave me shivers. What a beautiful post. I hope you had moments of wonderfulness too. And I hope you have the best moments of wonderfullness yet to come in the form of a precious, healthy pregnancy.
    xxx Merry Christmas my friend.

  6. I send that wish right back at you. And the hope that Christmas ended up being relatively painless. (Though, sometimes I think that the best thing about it is that it's finite).

    Onwards with the New Year. And the storks. (Here's me doing birdcalls into the eastern sky:)

  7. Gorgeous words. I love that you called the stork a she. I love it.

    I hope your chance of crappy passed over. Mine did and Christmas was pretty great in the end. I don't like to think of you down. You light is too sweet to dim. Everyone would feel the chill.

  8. Very best wishes to you too! I hope the New Year brings you tons of happiness!

  9. What lovely wishes. I hope that stork is ready to fly all over the world this year, and makes a very important stop to my dear little owl friend.
    Hope your holidays turned out better than anticipated.