Thursday, December 2, 2010

A little sweetness

I was so excited to read that the lovely Ashley over at Calmly Chaotic picked me for a Cherry on Top award. It made me blush! Thank you very much for this award, Ashley. I invite you all to go visit her gorgeous blog for three important reasons: 1) She is passionate about design and posts the most beautiful finds she hunts down in between injections, 2) She is Canadian like me and admit it, you love Canadians, and 3) She is in the midst of her first IVF cycle and had her egg retrieval yesterday. She would gladly receive your comments and encouragements.

And now, I would like to pass this award on to these 5 beautiful bloggers (even if I have the great pleasure of reading more than 5 beautiful blogs)

Egghunt at Still Searching for our Golden Egg 
Rebecca at The Road Less Traveled 
Lady Pumpkin at Planting a Pumpkin Patch
Roccie at Roccie Road
Misfit at Misfit Mrs

(gosh, that was hard to pick just 5. I wanted to pick at least 20. Ok, I know, play by the rules.). Here are the rules: Link back to the person who awarded you, and then pick five blogs to pass on the award too.  Make sure to comment on the awarded blogs so they know they've been picked.

In non-cupcake award-related matters, I wanted to let you know that the cell phone purchase is going down tonight. Yikes! Roccie totally shone a spotlight on my cold sweats. I am a bit nervous, indeed. I'll have to learn how to text! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! I am such a freak. My 72-year-old father has a cellphone, and I'm ill at ease at the thought of getting one. What can I tell you?

In other news, Sattva just passed her board exams yesterday. It's a huge, big deal. I am so, SO thrilled for her! I thought you would be happy for her too, since I know many of you have a fondness for our beloved Sattva.

As for me, I must sign off and go worry about my tables, figures and appendices, if I ever want to get to the board exams stage. 


  1. Thanks for the blog love! I cannot believe you don't have a cellphone!! I mean I am not a lover of technology by any means but wow! Congrats on making this big step!!!

  2. I just recently got a cellphone. I hate the damn things. But when my father was dying, it was really nice to be able to text my husband and make emergency calls and stuff, and I don't exactly regret the decision. However, I still look like an idiot any time someone needs me to do something quickly. I say, embrace being ill at ease.

    Oh Sattva! YAAAAAAY! Huge, huge, huge. The fact that you are working on minutiae (though of course critical minutiae) like tables and such also makes me really happy.

  3. Oh hai, I've been tagged with a cupcake. What a delightful award. Post coming forthwith and thank you for the honor.

    I actually hate using a phone and rarely call anyone. You can rest assured that your phone will mostly ring with questions from your husband about what you want or are getting for dinner.

  4. P.S. Oh, the tricycle error is so great! What a gem. I also TOTALLY don't get how they're lethal if overdosed! Like, usually it's the overdose that's lethal. I must have missed class that day.

  5. Thank you, sweet pea! Okay, you caught me: I do love me some Canadian. ;)

  6. Awe, thank you so much for the award. Congrats to Sattva...wonderful celebratory news! One step at a time with the cell phone business, before you know it you'll have it all down!

    Thank you for the incredibly kind comment you left on my blog this meant more than you can possibly know to me, especially the part about admiring Lily's tree with our child. That part totally got me!

  7. Good luck with the cellphone purchase. I'm telling you, you'll become a convert. Well, perhaps not. But it DOES make life somewhat easier.

    Thinking good thoughts for this final push with your work!

  8. Good luck with the cell phone (so exciting!), wise Augusta, as well as with those tables, figures and appendices! The end is in sight... <3

  9. congrats on the award, it is so cute. You do have a beautiful blog with that little bit of extra :)

    Congrats to Sattva.

  10. Congrats on the award, and on FINALLY getting a cell phone.