Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I made it to work by a decent time on my first day. I even got there before my manager. Turns out that a gigantic snow storm was just getting going in FTT and like a dart, I landed smack dab in the bulls' eye. It started snowing on Sunday morning at some point and ended around 5pm today (Tuesday). The latest estimates puts the snowfall at about 1 meter (3.3 feet), and another 20 centimeters (8 inches) is forecasted to fall overnight. 

My little Neko  has done very well at plowing through the glorious mounds. I have been zooming around town without much difficulty, which is more than I can say for many who drive on their all season tires. Yes: I am a winter tire snob. 

All this snow is making me nostalgic. I've been reminiscing of my childhood in Québec in which snow featured centrally.  My native province is known for its cold weather and abundant snowfall, which typically begin shortly after Halloween and ends mid- to late April (with a few May snow storms on record). There is no point in hating snow if you live in Québec. It's like saying you don't like sand in the Kalahari. You're really in the wrong place.

I took a walk this evening and noticed many snows delights. Snow makes a city much quieter than usual. It absorbs sounds and creates this cottony silence. I can't tell you how much peace my heart derives out of that silence. I saw Christmas lights in trees covered in snow. I saw two kids giggling themselves silly as they slid down the 6 feet high snow mound in the driveway. And then 2 more kids ducking inside their snow fort at the approach of an enemy presence (i.e. me). I felt the biting wind on my cheeks and thought about my long down coat I left in Pleasantville. I walked on the street because sidewalks had not been cleared and would have needed to wade up to mid-thigh. I love the snow so much.

Whereas day 1 at work was very full, day 2 was cut short by this snowmania. Employees got sent home at noon. I wondered briefly if I would accrue brownie points by staying past noon, but it appeared that all lights were turned off and all offices were locked shut. I briefly contemplated staying and getting some important reading done for my new job, but then thought about the important revisions I had to do for my dissertation. I high tailed it out of there. I thought working at Star.bucks would be fun, maybe I could even get a decaf soy latte to crank up the juices, but I banged my nose on the locked door. The whole city was shutting down fast. City buses have now stopped running and will only re-start on Thursday morning.

I say this is a good start for the little owl. A gradual entry into my work duties because of snow was not what I expected, but I accept it happily. Thanks for your encouragements for my Sunday night post. I was a tad anxious and it felt reassuring to read your comments.


  1. Sounds beautiful! Glad you found moments of peace, enjoy the time off and hope things continue smoothly as you acclimate to your new role.

  2. Such a great song. What kind of car is she? Never mind--doesn't matter, I'm sure she's awesome. I'm a sucker for getting attached to cars. Our car is named the Eel, because he's green.

    We finally got a little real snow here, and it's lovely. It really is an astonishing miracle every time. White stuff falling from the sky! It sounds like it added a touch of excitement to the new job as well as an opportunity for a little reflection.

  3. Wow that is A LOT of snow!!!!! Curling up in starbucks with a decaf late sounds amazing... too bad it was closed! Glad to hear that you are easing into your new job!

  4. Love snow in brief episodes. I applaud the snow tire snob, as a tire snob in general. I am glad that the first days here are going well. You are painting a tranquil snowscape that I want to watch with a cup of hot tea from my window. Sending you warm thoughts for the week from a loud, dreary SF.

  5. Snow brings so much fun (minus the driving in it part). I can't wait to see a picture of the snowman you built. Hope work goes well. And, as far as the comment you left on my blog, you give me too many props. I am no professional, just an amateur wanna be. :)

  6. Ooh, snow is so beautiful! I think that easing into Newjobdom sounds fortuitous; I'm glad you didn't have to deal with every transition turned up to full volume all at once. Enjoy the winter wonderland, sweet one.

  7. Hi Augusta. Sorry I've been so absent of late. My cat is called Neko so I somehow felt compelled to comment and tell you this.

    I love the description you gave of snow absorbing sound and creating a peaceful environment. Lovely.

  8. I'd say a VERY good start. And blessed with snow. It must be a sign of something good:)

    (And I have such a nice image of you walking along, enjoying all the falling snowflakes! It was snowing in NYC today...but most people were grumbling:)

  9. This one makes me homesick. I am from the Land of the Lake Effect, but where I live now everybody freaks out at an inch of snow. It sounds like you're having a marvelous adventure! Congratulations on a great start.