Tuesday, October 5, 2010

warmth, uncaffeinated - Updated***

I went back to Dr. Ninja's office today. After receiving my protocol of herbs and supplements, I had to go pick them up. When I got Cheerful Nutritionist (CN) on the phone, she asked if I wanted to start acupuncture today and I thought, why the hell not. So, less work on my dissertation, more work on my qi.

The acupuncture was not exactly what I expected. First of all, I really thought I'd be lying on my belly, but I was lying on my back. Also, the needles on the skull, the forehead and the solar plexus were a surprise. They were fine, just unexpected. Sweet Dr. Ying was the one to put in all the needles. Her English was not so good, but I could tell her heart was way better than her English. She asked a bunch of questions about matters I don't tend to discuss with others (e.g. relating to the room in the house with the most plumbing) and also really was interested in looking at my tongue.

Once she put in all the needles, I just got to rest there for 30 minutes. A heat lamp was at my feet, I had needles all over my body, and my thoughts were swirling. I asked myself if I could maybe look into some happy thoughts, seeing as I was having such a zen moment. So I did that for a bit. Some less happy thoughts visited, but I did the clouds in the sky thing and let them blow over. I also had some pretty strange thoughts. I thought of all of you and all the pain that you've gone through with IF and earlier in your lives. My mind created a BP oil spill in the Gulf of my psych with all of our sorrows, horrors, heart brakes. It was dispersing out a little, but then it got contained and capped. Our sorrows were not permitted to contaminate the waters of our lives too much.

I felt so warm afterward and for a long time too. My body tends to run cold, so this was a welcomed change in temperature. I think I was actually flushed for an hour afterward. I felt much calmer than I normally do. Warm and calm. What lovely concepts!

I came home with the herbal supplies. The one I most salivate over is my personal tea. My friend tells me the first time she sipped her personal tea, she spit it out all over her kitchen floor. CN recommended a shooter approach to the personal tea, something I will surely implement. The rest of the stuff is capsules and one powder, so I'm hoping all comestible. Oh, and as much as I didn't want to, I did make the fatal error of asking CN about coffee consumption. Nada, was the answer. That one, is a bit harder than ice cream. But, why the hell not try.

But not tomorrow. I have to go spend the day with the pregnant psychologist who I will be replacing for a year and meet my new colleagues and participate in a team meeting. And ya, be coherent. After that, I have to go discuss housing potential with a pregnant friend. I think Thursday will be a much better day to start my coffee elimination initiative (call it the CEI). Don't you guys think?

*** Personal Tea is in fact repulsive. Ok, it didn't make me gag, but for sure the shooter approach will be best. Some nausea post tea ingestion, but all told, I'm still standing. I'm just freaking out about what the dickens to wear tomorrow. Apparently, the effects of acupuncture only last as long as you don't think you have to impress people at your new job. 


  1. Yes, definitely hold onto the coffee for as long as you can!

  2. Thanks for stopping over to my blog & the beautiful poem...you always leave the nicest comments:) I did acupuncture about a year ago, it was so relaxing...definitely think shooter approach is best for the tea, you'll have to let us know how it goes. Ugh, the CEI...I need to start on that too...it's so hard though, I LOVE my coffee! I'm planning to start incorporating decaf with my regular gradually, will probably start next week so I'll be with you in the CEI. Hope all goes well tomorrow...will be thinking of you & sending positive caffeinated vibes your way:)

  3. Ooh I don't like the idea of our sludge in your brain. But, I do like the jaunty cap. I'd pick a nice porkpie to go with our dressed up pain. Or maybe a cowboy hat would be better to go with this bucking bronco bullshit.

    I think I had a dud for acupuncture. I know that I felt calmer and my cycles were regular. But, it petered out or I stopped believing in it. Do tell on the tea! I have this thought that nothing could be so horrible, but I'll await your take on that.

  4. You will look great and you will do great tomorrow, of that I am sure! And yeah, CEI can wait until Thursday. SO glad acu felt good -- warmth and calm are indeed most excellent states of being. Sending you lots for tomorrow's meeting.

    Love, H

  5. Oi, worse than I anticipated! I am mourning the loss of your caffeine intake, and hoping that there's some deliciousness that's allowed in the regimen.

  6. I did acupuncture before my last IVF. I only ever swallowed herbal capsules. once i emptied one into some water, to see if i could ever try to drink it, and i quickly found out the answer to that was NO WAY. Hope you have better luck with the shooter approach.

    I love your attitude toward your CEI. Why not try? I think you will try and then realize you have succeeded.

    Good luck with your new job.

  7. No coffee at all? Sounds tough. And with all those pregnant women around, I'd wait with the CEI, too. Good luck!

  8. i am a huge fan of acupuncture! i've been going weekly for about a year now and had acu treatments both before and after my transfer. its my favourite appointment of the week! i'm glad you felt the warmth... but i'm sorry about the coffee... i gave up caffeine about 2 years ago when we started on our IF journey and now i don't miss it at all, but it certainly was a tough transition at the beginning. hang in there!!

  9. I have been doing acupuncture for nearly two months as I anticipate my DE cycle but have been an acupuncture vet for a year now. I know, the tongue thing is so weird!! But apparently my tongue is less "puffy" than it used to be so that means my qi must be getting better. Anyway, my acupuncturist has been raving at how much my "pulse" has improved. Okie Dokie!! And yeah, I've taken all sorts of supplements and am not on to teas as well. But only red raspberry leaf tea as my RE forbids any herbs of any kind at this point. Good luck!!

  10. It all sounds pretty nifty! (Except the disgusting tea, but hey.) I like the idea of anything that will make me warm. I've been forced to give up even my decaf coffee due to this endless cold, so I feel ya'. Not only is caffeine nice, but coffee is such a ritualistic comforting thing! I hope the acu-warmth gets you through these stressful-sounding interactions. Blech!

  11. Augusta this is such beautiful imagery.

    Your mind does some amazing things when you are on the table. It seems at times I can feel the energy. That sounds crazy, but it is as real as rain to me.

    I, too, am fascinated with this tea of the gods. Do you have any advice how to find an herbalist? I suppose I could ask my acupuncturist.

    Anything is better than that law awful Royal Jelly.

    This donor gig is so much fun.

  12. Ah, I love acupuncture so much. I always got used to my herbal teas after a few days. The first few days of a new one were awful, but then they started tasting almost okay. If you're brewing them yourself, you can also try different levels of dilution with water.

    And you probably will do some acupuncture sessions laying on your belly, too. It just depends which points she wants to work on any given day. I always loved the points on my head. My acupuncturist said the point between your eyebrows is your "happy point," and I definitely believed her!

  13. I LOVE acupuncture. It is so soothing. You wait till you've been a few times and you star to get a bit more comfortable with the process, you may even find yourself enjoying lovely sleeps and beautiful dreams while the needles do their stuff.
    As for the personal tea....agh, I remember a concoction that one naturopath gave me and it was so disgusting that I felt literally sick after taking the shot glass of it. I perservered for a long time with it though, I hope it does good things for you. We have to try these things I guess!! If they work then they are totally worth it. If they don't work then they give you a funny story to tell people!

  14. Hello, my sweet! WORD on the tea. I don't know if your personal stuff is anything like what my acupuncturist has given me, but they're both filed under "yuck," and so maybe there's some similarity. I love the oil-spill image--especially the capping. And the idea of being warm sounds pretty darn good right now, says the lady with the laminator in her lap...

  15. Those teas are terrible. TERRIBLE. I drank them for several months and never found an effective way of getting them down. In fact, tea is such a misnomer. Toxic sludge is really much more fitting.

    I'm glad the acupuncture went so well - I tend to think all kinds of thoughts on the acupuncture table, some good, some of the cloudy variety. But I do find it a very interesting release every time. And the warmth - I take that as proof that the energy is really moving:)

    (And I hope the coffee elimination is not proving very painful...yeah, right:)

  16. Acupuncture - EVERYone is doing it it seems. I am convinced I need to jump on the bandwagon, but not for IF. I need it for my teeth grinding problem.

    As for returning anxiety, perhaps there's some sort of "to go" kit you can buy. Wake up, brush teeth, get dressed, stick yourself full of pins and off you go to the new job - anxiety free!

    I hope it all went well!