Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dear lovelies, 
Thank you for your amazing comments left on my last message and since day 1. Your kindness melts my heart every time. I blush, I cry, I giggle. It's really powerful stuff. Thank you so much. And I will pass on to Oat that she now has a new fan club. She'll be tickled. 
A while back in September, Foxy at Someday asked me and others some questions she was curious about. I've been meaning to answer them since she posted them and today seems just as good as any other day to do that. Don't worry, I am reserving a cantankerous post for when I'm riding the train to my home province on Saturday morning, on very little sleep (must get up at 4:45am to catch an early train). You'll get cranky pants Augusta on that day, I promise (thanks for the encouragements in that department).  
1. What is your favorite holiday and why?
 It's a great question really. My first impulse is to say that I really hate all the holidays. The holidays bring so much stress, largely derived from juggling my crazy family situation and, huhum,  Mr. August's interesting family. When I was a kid, I loved Christmas. It always snowed in Québec at Christmas and that made everything magical.  My dad and I would watch Frosty the Snowman each year without fail. I didn't speak English as a child but since it was a cartoon, I could get the gist. And each year, I would cry when Frosty melted, and my dad would get a huge kick out of that. These days, I guess I would say I enjoy Thanksgiving because of the harvest and the delicious food it brings. I love the fall colours and walking in the crunchy leaves. 

2. How much time do you spend on the phone? on blogger?
I don't spend very much time on the phone regularly.  I don't have a cell phone and I would rather see people if I can. I make a significant exception for my faraway friends. I have beloved close friends who all live in the US, and I spend quite a bit of time on the phone with them. These are Oat, Dragonfly and Sweetamo, whom I love them very much. 

I spend too much time on blogger, even if I don't write that often. My perfectionism often stops me from writing because I don't want to write something that has no substance or something that I won't have time to edit. I get like that about comments I leave too, and sometimes I get mad at myself for it. "Argh! Augusta, just write a little comment. It doesn't matter if it isn't profound or life altering, for goodness sake!!!" As you can see, I'm a freak. I read lots of blogs on a daily basis. I love reading your blogs and following your narratives. You make me laugh, cry and feel so much less alone.
3. What are your favorite TV shows?
I have lived without a TV for most of my adult life. I used to watch ER in the 1990s and I remember loving the West Wing when I was stuck living at my mother's when I had a broken bone in my foot and nowhere to go. Lately, I've been watching Grey's Anatomy. I rent it at our little local video store downtown. I'm in the middle of season 2, so yeah, way behind. I found that last winter, when I was in the dark whole of despair, Grey's Anatomy was compelling enough to take my mind away from my troubles for a few hours. And it felt good to cry for Meredith instead of Augusta sometimes. 
4. How did you meet your lover?
I met Mr. August at a house warming. There is this community house where many of us (including moi and Mr. August ) have lived which is sort of an intentional community house. On the day I met him, there was a house concert at the house and then a house warming in one of the apartments attached to the house. Mr. August and I bonded over hummus. I had seen him before at the Farmer's Market selling vegetables and had noticed his handsomeness in carhart overalls, but I don't think he remembers meeting me before the house warming day. That was January 2004. We met again a few weeks later where the friend who had the house warming invited both of us for dinner. We both told stories of having gone to the arctic for outdoor adventures.
5. What is your favorite color of nail polish?
I rarely wear nail polish, so I couldn't even say what colour I like on my nails. 
6. What in your life are you most proud of, personally or professionally?
I think I could say my almost Ph.D., but really, what I am most proud of is that somehow I've become a whole person, instead of vacant shell. I was neglected as a kid and from that, deducted that I didn't really matter to anyone. My parents could say to me that they loved me, by they couldn't act on that very often (but they did at times) and so I learned that I didn't matter. And that assumption almost killed me. I am most proud that I decided to revise my assumptions and live according to a different script. I became an adult and found amazing friends and mentors, and a good, kind husband. I am proud to have survived, and amazed that there was always something that told me to live, to fight for what I wanted, to believe that there would be better days.
7. Did you have a Batchelorette Party? What did you do?
I didn't have a bachelorette party, but the women in my community did have a celebration for me before our wedding. We all sat together and had dinner. They made cheese fondue, which is something I love. We drank a good amount of wine, and laughed. It was simple and fun.
8. Where do you blog from? (I mean, where is your computer, describe the setting.)
I have a little room in the house we rent that is my room, where I have a desk and I do schoolwork and used the computer, but it's also my yoga room. I've put my desk directly in front of the window so that I can see outside when I'm at my desk, and I blog from my mac. My cat Chicken often joins me, often opting to sit on my lap or on the desk, between the computer and I. 

That's all for tonight, dear women. I hope you have a  great Friday. One of my friend is defending her Ph.D. tomorrow. I will go support her and be inspired. I will visualize myself there because guess what, I WILL BE NEXT, darn it!  


  1. Awww, how nice to learn more about you Augusta. Hope you get a tonne of inspiration from watching your friend defend her Ph.D!!!

  2. 1. N and I met in January of '04, too! 1/23/04, to be exact--we enjoy the numerical progression there, as it helps us to remember the date. Guess what, A? You and I got pregnant with our forever babies the same month, too! October of '10, was it?...

    2. HOW COULD ANYBODY NEGLECT YOU??? Seriously, that is so far beyond heartbreaking. I'm so very, very glad you've found another path and are poised to love the stuffing out of your wee one(s).

  3. Augusta rocks, as this post makes so clear, and we are all so lucky that she is a strong one, a survivor, and wise enough to share that with the rest of us.

    And while yes, I am quite tickled to have a new fan club (shucks, guys -- *blush*), I've got to say that being a part of the AUGUSTA fan club is one of my greatest joys. Joining all of you amazing, strong, brave women in that club is truly an honor. Thank you, Augusta's online friends, for all your support of her. You rock, too! XOXO, Oat

  4. Wonderful. Reading that was fascinating and it's only confirmed for me that you're something mighty special. The PhD is huge, Augusta, and I'm going to be crossing fingers for you until you post that you have sailed through with flying colors (and I have no doubt that this will happen).

    I think it's wonderful that you don't have a cellphone, and that you watch so little television. So many people consider living this way, so few people actually have the gumption to do it. And it's clear that you're a whole person. So many, many people never achieve that, many of whom had every opportunity afforded them when they were younger.

    (I guess I got an especially warm fuzzy feeling reading about that part. My mother came from difficult circumstances and remade things, top to bottom. She kind of defied what anybody would expect, and became the most incredible mum. What she patterned this on, I have no idea, because she certainly didn't have shining examples in her own childhood.)

  5. I love the idea of you ogling the man and his vegetables. You have a lot to be proud of, for sure. And I know there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip and all that, but I can hardly wait for your defense to be OVAH!

    I used to feel an obligation to only write meaningful things. Not no more! Now it's all about I ATE AN APPLE! ADMIRE MY FASCINATING LIFE!

  6. It is incredible that you lifted yourself out of the horrible assumption that you didn't matter. That takes extraordinary inner strength, in my opinion.

    Family is tough. Mine gets tougher the older I get - perhaps reflecting shifting roles and an ever increasing differentiation from my family of origin. So holidays have become hard whereas when I was younger, I felt like my family was pretty conflict free.

    Happy thanksgiving. And maybe I'll write a blog from my (brand new!) MacBook myself this weekend!

  7. You are a great mother. Think of the magnificent child you can help to shape based on your past. What an opportunity to become someone else. It explains a lot about your depth.

    I get your Comment Stress. At times, I have been so moved by a post that I am paralyzed to respond.

    ps - It's Oat! She speaks! Girl, get yourself a blog asap. You have beautiful thoughts in that head of yours and the world would be a better place for knowing them.

  8. No cell and no TV?! How are friends? Lol. Great post thanks for letting us in.

  9. Your answer to #6 is so beautiful. What a strong person you are, for overcoming that unhealthy self-image and allowing yourself to grow.

    I am like you with comments--I write, and delete, and don't post. Which wastes time and doesn't help anyone. I am working on just writing what I think and hitting "Post Comment." Speaking of which...

  10. hi friend! You have the most beautiful answers! and I love reading more about these things and experiences that make you YOU.

    hehe - It is actually a little reassuring to read that you spend so much time on your posts and comments. They are always so profound and meaningful and delightful to read. (I actually get excited when I see that you've posted on another blog I am reading because your comments are so wonderful.) I am a write and hit post kind of girl.

    Love and hugs to you.