Thursday, September 30, 2010

wo der computer ist???

Augusta's Messy Desk

I think my computer is over here somewhere.  Is it?

Look at the state of affairs at my desk! Not pretty. You can see how mired I've been in my qualitative analysis. The thematic map at the forefront is about my 29th attempt.

Qualitative data analysis is fun and god awful. Both. That's a paradox I'm willing to live with (especially since my research also has 2 straightforward quantitative studies).  The qualitative study has not been particularly nice to me.  But then, things went better today after I went to see Sattva who is a superstar in these matters. With just a few incisive comments, she had my analysis organized so it made so much sense. Eggs AND research advice. I tell you, that woman is astonishing. 

One of Dr. Ninja's team members sent me my treatment protocol via email today. I still can't get used to that, where in my profession, sending something by email is almost as ethically wrong as sleeping with your clients. Not that I don't appreciate email. So, this fancy protocol, complete with herbs, and supplements and teas (beyond raspberry tea, Pumpkin), and acupuncture will cost me a lot of money. Somehow, I'm not getting overly alarmed. I've just decided to try trusting for once. Just to see. And I have the appointment booked with energy medicine woman, who sounds like a total sweetheart. Can't wait to meet her. 

Thank you so, so much for your warm comments on my last post. It felt good to be real with all of you and say that other part of the cause of my infertility. It sucks, and I'd like it to be not so, but it is my reality. Thanks for holding that with me. You all have amazing hearts. I am in awe.  

Preparing for tomorrow. The big 1-year anniversary since the failure of our infertility treatments, the day when the probability of having biological children became nil. It's been quite a year. I'll write more about it tomorrow. In the mean time, bonne nuit mes chères amies. Faites de beaux rêves.


  1. Il est bien après l'heure à laquelle je devrais me coucher, mais je voulais t'envoyer un petit mot après t'avoir lue. I'm going to switch to English for quickness's sake, but I gots plenty more French in me, woman, believe-toi moi! Hooray for tea and herbs and acupuncture! Beyond raspberry, indeed; I wonder if we're drinking the same stuff? Dr. Chinatown has me on twice-a-day tea-drinkin', which N and I call my "bitters," because, yowsa, it sure is that. I asked Dr. C what was in it, and he replied: "Chinese herbs." Thanks, dude, that's really specific. But yes, that, and the little black ball-pills of which I take eight, three times a day, and the other herby ones: two of them twice a day. Wahoo! I'm excited that new-agey stuff is part of your protocol--Ener-mama especially, so that I can dip my toes in those healing waters through you and hear about what it's like.

    Sending you hugs and love for tomorrow, en te souhaitant également de beaux rêves. Bisoubisou. And one for Sattva too; I love how she's lighting up your world.

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your kind posts. I can't wait to hear how your medicine woman meeting goes it sounds very exciting and promising. Hugs for tomorrow.

  3. Medicine woman! I love all the herbal concoctions, so do tell. I'd take a picture of my desk, but your desk looks tidy in comparison.

    Email, wacky, no? I tend to prefer the precision of those communications, but it leaves you a bit itchy, privacy-wise.

  4. Look at those beautiful signs of intellectual activity! I can hardly wait until you're DONE!

    I totally love the idea of just trusting. Why the heck not.

  5. I am In awe of you! Wonderful, beautiful you.
    Love and prayers my dear 'Gusta.

  6. Look at you, you little French darlings!

    I am very intrigued by your protocol. I haven't heard anything like this coming from my RE. Sometimes I am a little disappointed she isnt more into the whole supplement program.

    Study up. You are surrounded by a great team.

  7. in the past Oct has been quite a depressing reproductive month for me as well. So i will be thinking of you tomorrow.
    my desk always looks as disastrous as that only i have no good excuse for it. :)

  8. Ohhh, I'm intrigued about your protocol from Dr Ninja....
    And your desk looks rather less messy than mine!
    xx Hugs

  9. Anytime I come upon the word "Reve" (which isn't often at all) I think of a poster hung on my wall in college by Salvado Dali titled, "Reve Cause par le Vol d'une Abeille."

  10. I saw that photograph and thought: clearly the desk of a brilliant mind:) There's something lovely about the quantitative, about lines and numbers and columns. Glad that Sattva put the qualitative in its place. I'm also really curious about the protocol Dr. Ninja sent (and hoping that it proves to be pure magic for you).