Friday, September 3, 2010

the results are in

I wish it was something as exciting as a kick-ass beta, but for that, you'll have to go visit Bunny. And please do visit her blog. She is a wonderful, witty, and at times sardonic writer who will put a smile on your face at the worst of times. And she has the best news ever! For additional good news, you can also visit jrs who is awaiting a baby boy in October and who just met the birth parents last weekend. So. Much. Joy!

No, what I am referring to is the result of the IgB and IgG4 antibodies tests I had done at the TCM clinic early last week. They told me it would take 2 weeks for the results, so this is was a bonus. I just had a muffin earlier today, you know, one of those poor quality muffins filled with trans-fat and whatnot. As I purchased it in the coffee stand in the library, I made a mental note that I was preemptively rebelling against the dietary restrictions I was sure were soon arriving. Well, I would say that was clockwork.

The email from the nutritionist said: "We recommend avoiding any foods which fall within the ‘moderate’ or ‘avoid’ ranges for at least 4-6 months." It added that I may be able to re-introduce those foods after that time.

So the dairy case is off limits! (pour moi, at least.) Most of the items in the dairy category where in the moderate or avoid range. Crap. It appears that cheddar and Swiss cheese are not a problem, but pretty much everything else is a problem. I am crestfallen, people. As you know, I love me a little ice cream Oh, and what to do with the cappuccino frozen yogurt sitting half-empty in my fridge? Any takers?

Wheat, was also on the moderate category.

The kicker was kidney beans. Off the freakin chart! Why is that a kicker? Well, I may never have mentioned what Mr. Augusts does for a living, but you should have the strong suspicion by now that I am about to mention it. He is an organic farmer, with a passion for growing coloured beans. That is, he grows kidney beans and we eat them regularly. Mr. August LOVES them, so regularly is like twice to three times a week. I can't even fathom how I'm going to tell him this. He'll be as sad as I am about the ice cream.

Spared from the chopping block are items such as coffee (praise the Lord), chocolate (all together now!) and peanuts (although peanut was at the upper end of the low category: I have never shared with you my obsession with peanut butter, but I will for sure wax poetic about it in the near future).

Adele, I am looking to you for strength, dear woman. Tell me it gets easier. Tell me it's not so bad. Tell me you're pregnant! (I know you would love to tell me that. And you will.)

I look forward to sharing the pilgrimage of this little owl down the dairy and wheat free way. I think it may also be time to add some raspberry leaf tea to my daily fluid intake as suggested by Lady Pumpkin Stay tuned...


  1. Goooo, razzleaf tea! Ugh, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all these don'ts. :( The ice cream bit seems especially cruel. Maybe you can now regale us with tales of all the wonderful non-dairy yummies you discover that you never knew were out there? Tofuttis and sorbets and rice dreams and the like? Sigh. Hoping that this period of dietary denial lands you with an augustling ASAP.

  2. And thanks for the shout-out, A! <3

  3. Yikes! Um, at least it's soon going to be cooler so you won't miss ice cream as much?

    In all seriousness, I didn't eat meat and avoided dairy for some time, and I used to love these frozen "ice cream" things.

  4. I feel like the most famous girl on the internet! I should have gotten pregnant a million years ago!

    But yikes, no dairy. And the kidney bean thing? What are the chances!?! I'm so curious about the properties of kidney beans that make them verboten. I'm so sorry you have to make these sacrifices, though.

  5. You poor thing!! I will be thinking about you!! I agree with Kelly though, it is time to toss out the ice cream and in with some hot chocolate (dairy free though). You can do it! We believe in you!

  6. Oh nooooooooooooooo!!!!! I wouldn't wish this on anyone. And (sputtering) kidney beans!?!? I love kidney beans (though, not half as much as I love the fact your mister is an organic farmer - that's brilliant). But I digress. No ice cream is sucky as sucktastic can be. (Though, coconut milk ice cream has made the summer at least bearable...I think the brand is Coconut's good, but not nearly as blissful as ice cream with a bovine involvement).

    And 4-6 months. Yikes:( Will they have you reintroduce things slowly, one thing at a time? To see if there's any reaction?

    Thank goodness for chocolate.

  7. oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems like an eclectic bunch of foods that you have to avoid and I'm sure it won't be easy. Just having restrictions of any kind forced on you makes you automatically pine for what you can't have. I can see you and Adele starting a little foodies support club here!
    4-6 months! I'd like to say it will go fast but.....
    I agree with Adele, thank goodness for chocolate.

  8. Try soy ice cream! It is really delish, and non-dairy! I recommend Purely Decadent or So Delicious. Seriously, this stuff is good.

  9. That is so terrible. No more dairy or wheat or beans! What in the world are you going to eat? I guess, just chocolate. Maybe that's not so bad after all :) No but seriously, I guess you can have fruit and veggies. I am so sad for you and Mr. August. This will be quite an adjustment.

    Thanks for the shout out. You are so sweet.