Monday, June 14, 2010

made it through another weekend

My goddess! These weekends are killing me! But I made it through, semi-gracefully. The shower went pretty well. A friend who knows that this is all very difficult for me decided that she would make me cocktails as long as I would drink them (confession: I had 2 and was tipsy). I actually did help in the moment, except that I can't really tolerate alcohol too well, so it's not a long term solution to these gatherings.

Another community gathering on Sunday evening that I was hosting at our house. A pregnant friend who was due last Thursday came late and lingered. And it's one thing to linger and another to linger and go on and on about the upcoming birth. I wanted to scream! And these friends are very sweet, loving, kind people. I really do love them, I just can't stand them at the moment, through no fault of theirs (or mine, I guess, but that's a harder one that my therapist is really trying to work on with me).

I'm gathering myself a bit of momentum for a big post on egg donation. I can't do it now, since I want to go to yoga this evening, but I need to write to sort out where I'm at with it. Stay tuned.

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  1. Yeah exercise! I started doing pilates a few years ago and LOVE it. It is so important that we remember to take care of ourselves, mind and body!

    I hope you made it out to you Yoga class!