Sunday, January 24, 2010


I sit in my little study in our new place (we are renting this sweet little red brick house, did I mention?) with a cat on my lap. Yes, we adopted a cat. The truth is that this is the cat's house and she is letting us live here. She's been here since 3 owners ago and so the house is more hers than ours. She arrived yesterday, having been housed with someone else for the time of transition, and now she has returned.

Her name is Tibbs.

She seems a little discombobulated, a little out of sorts. She looks around, walks a step, stops, and meows. She looks at us as if to say "who are you and what are you doing here?" But we feed her and pet her, and she seems to like that. She also appears to seek the warmth of a human body, ergo her current position on my lap. Tibbs is a very fluffy cat, but when you get down to it, she's really bony.

I listened to a CBC piece on 'C'est la vie' about a couple that adopted in Haiti. They got their son in November, 2 months before the earthquake. It took 42 months for them to get him. They talked about their heartache and it made me cry. It made me think that I can't yet choose adoption because there are so many heartaches to be gotten through when embarking on the process. I'm not ready for more heartaches yet. Yet.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Darling

I had strayed from the blogosphere. Not exactly, because I was still reading blogs, I was just not writing. That's ok. I'm writing today.

And the very first thing I want to write is a BIG, JOYOUS, HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS to Alicia on becoming a mom! I am so thrilled for her and her partner that they get to adopt a little boy. And this little boy and I share the same name (my real one, not my pen name: Augusta would be a real punishing name for a boy, don't you think), which I think is cool. Please see her blog at

What's up Augusta?

Well, I just put up in my room this beautiful painting that Cathy Nichols made for me. Check it out
This is such a great story! I found Cathy's mommy and baby owl randomly on google and wrote her to ask permission to use it on my blog. She was very kind about it and said I could use it. Since the painting had already been purchased, she suggested I could commission her to make one for me. I thought that was a great idea. I received it last week and for those who know me personally, you know exactly what I did. Yup. I sat it there in the corner and did NOT open it. For days. I have a strange compulsion about delaying gratification and for this reason, I always delay opening my gifts (this silly little habit turned ugly when one summer, my friend brought me a wonderful piece of cheese from Montreal and not knowing what it was, I left the present on my coffee table for days. When I opened it, the blue cheese was green).

So the Little Darling is up on my wall. And after I write this entry, I will also put up the mommy and baby owl print that my dear, dear friend A sent me for Christmas. Two sets of mommy and baby owls. I think that will be sufficient for manifesting a child, don't you think?

At the moment, we're not too focused on becoming parents simply because we are focusing on our nuptials. We are getting married in March. When we started the fertility treatments, I enjoyed the thought that we may do things backwards: having a child before getting married. Or even better, that I'd be pregnant at our wedding (take that, my catholic upbringing). But that's not exactly what happened.

Little owls for now, little babies later. Hopefully.