Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Haze

We're about to leave for family visits to where I come from, in a different province. Excited? Not quite. The holidays are not my favourite time of year. I can remember when they were, up to the age of 11 maybe, but it was all down hill from there. This is likely not an uncommon experience for people. I'm a little grateful this year that even if we are spending time with my family and that this is difficult, at least there won't be pregnancy announcements there. My family has postmenopausal women, a gay couple, and a cousin who is not partnered. However, there will be questions about when my partner and I are going to start making babies, especially because we are getting married in the spring. I will want to yell very loudly that I would really like to make babies but my body won't do that. STOP ASKING. But I won't yell, and I won't even talk about my nonexistent fertility.

This blog is starting to sound like a litany. Goodness. I'm getting on my nerves here.

Let's talk about something hopeful then. I read on Yaya Stuff (a great blog) that there will be changes to the legistlation in India which will make it easier for babies to be adopted internationally. That made my day. I've pictured for a long time that we could adopt a little one from India, a country that fascinates me. That made me hopeful today.

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